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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August 16, 2016 1

DIY Blackheads Removal.

Hey, chubbies!! It's Varia!! so glad to see you all!!
So today's post is something that made my life hell lot more easier.. i am gonna tell you guys simple and effortless ways to get rid of those blackheads!!

✋ Raise your hand if you hate blackheads!! 

These ways are so good and they do actually work, they are so quick and effortless and time-saving, and ofc you'll be able to save some money to buy yourself that amazayn dress!😏

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So with all that have been said, let's get into this!!

1. Method #1

You will need: toothpaste
 yes you've read it correctly, it's 'toothpaste'
and ice cubes

All you have to do is spread toothpaste on your nose and wherever you have blackheads. Let it dry and then gently massage that area with an ice cube. I did it on my nose and being temperature sensitive, my nose went numb and it got red af!! So I left it midway. Anyways that was fun and it did work but a bit.

2. Method #2

Grab these: Synthetic gum and tissues.

Okay, better you steam up your face first. Grab your favorite odor glue and put some glue over your nose. Now place a tissue over it.
if you wanna get your own tissue box, click here!!
Let it dry and good 10 mins. and rip it off. TA-DA!! all your blackheads are now on the tissue!!

3. Method #3

You need an egg, actually egg white, a brush, and tissues.
 Begin by steaming your nose, 'cuz open pores help in blackheads removal. Break an egg' we need the egg white only. Put it on your nose w/ help of a brush, and cover it with a tissue. Let it dry and then rip it off!!

i did this once. Being a brown vegetarian and using egg for the first time, it's smell brought the hell out of me!! I couldn't keep it for more than a minute and hence took it off before it was completely dry.  Probably that was my last time dealing w/ an egg. 😆

4. Method #4

This is really simple. If you're too lazy to do anything, do this!! Get some hot water and a towel. Wet the towel and put it on your nose till it's hot. Do this till you think that you're pores are open. Grab a comedone extractor and get your blackheads out of your face. If you don't have one, scrub your nose for 3-4 mins and then rinse it off.

 Alrighty gurrlss, this is what I had for you today,

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

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