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Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10, 2016 0

GRWM 👯 For Garba 🎆 Night!! 💖🎇

Heyo Chubbies!! it's Varia ♥
It's the Garba Time gurrll!!! get yo dress on and flip off those slippers and shake yo booty on the floor!! 'cuz Garba Fever is ONN!!!!

So, this Navratri I went to Garba only once. yeah only once. but i enjoyed sooo much!!!

the gang  😎

I've now another GRWM for you guys and i hope you are excited as much as i am!! Again , am gonna share my makeup, outfit, nails, hairstyles and accessories details w/ you!! so gurlls be ready to enlighten up yo minds!!

✋Raise your hands if you love Garba Nights!!

So if you are interested, keep reading and let's jump into this!!


So i was wearing a traditional chaniya choli which I bought from 'Aasopalav Shop' Sector-22, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Some other places for awesome lehengas are Law Garden and Rani Azira in Ahemadabad, Gujarat.

garba ready.. 💖

My chaniya was of chiffon in black w/ a beautiful traditional border at the bottom. I wanted my choli to be something in contrast. I chose it to be blue, w/ round neck and a silver dori along w/ a silver hanging at the back. And my chunni was pink, matching up w/ my chaniya border.


Since everything was in contrast, i wanted my nails to be so too. And the best contrast 'gainst black is white ofc! I painted my nails white and coated it w/ silver glitter.  On the garba night, my lustrous nails were looking so fab along w/ my dress.

nails for garba (white+silver glitter)


I used my Everyouth face wash and its walnut scrub. Then i sprayed rose water on my face and cleaned it up using a cotton.
Next I put on some Garnier BB Creme. Then I took some coloressence foundation on my hand and sprayed rose water on it twice and then i put it on my face and blended it all using a Foundation Brush.
Then I took my coloressence concealer and sprayed the rose water on it twice to catch up the right viscosity. Then using a Vega brush I put it under my eyes and lined it on my nose. Then using a foundation brush, i blended it all.
Next I put some coloressence compact powder on my face using the same foundation brush.
Then, I used this lil' trick.
I put some baby powder on the compact powder and using a sponge i baked my face then I left it to set.
Till the time i did my eye look.

the gurrll gang :3

Since my blouse was blue and chunni was pink, I chose these two shades for my eye look.
I actually got a baby pink, really shimmery blush shade; so I thought why not to use it for doing eye shade!
I really love that thing, it's so cute and girlish-perfectly how I wanted it to be.
I put in on my eyelid. Then I handed a blue eye shade from my pallet and put it on the outer side of my eyelid.
Then I did a winged liner w/ my Maybelline New York Eye studio Gel Liner, the same one I used in my previous makeup look. Next I put some kohl on my waterline and ended up my eye look by putting some eye shadow on the inner core my eyes.

*you see my eye shadow, don't you?

Then I blended up the powder I left on face before. Then I took the same blush I put on my eye, and put it on my cheeks.


Footwear for Navratri doesn't really matters 'cuz you're gonna throw 'em out when you'll dance.

I really enjoyed the time, out w/ friends and dancing how we wanna. ik the night's never gonna come back but I'll always rmr that very special time out w/ people and friends.

bhaibhai.. too much sanedo!!!

So that's all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it!

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these two aliens rocked the floor!!!!!!!!

I'll see you love, in the next post.
Till then, take care of yourself, okay?

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