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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

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💕DIY Lip scrub!!💕 get cute pink lips at home!!

Wassup guys, it's Varia!! welcome back home, gurrll!!!

Once upon a time, there was a lil' teenager.. who wanted pinkish lips.. but times were hard and so were her lips. so she searched and found some awesome ways to get charming lips!!
*Just for your knowledge, that girl was me..*

Raise your hand if you want pink lips!!

And if you desperately raised your hand, gurrll, i got chu!! In this post i am gonna tell you loviees super easy scrubs to have pink lips!! and.. some amazing tips and tricks to take care of your lovely lips at the end!!

So with all that been said, let's hop right into this!!

Lip Scrub #1

For this scrub you just require two ingredients. olive oil and brown sugar. you can use white sugar instead of brown. mix both of the ingredients. but don't dissolve the sugar grains in the oil. you want them!! before using the scrub, make sure that your lips are clean. then gently scrub your lips for 'bout 10 mins and wipe it off,then put some lip balm on your lips!!

Lip Scrub #2

This one is super easy and my favorite!! All you need is Vaseline and sugar!! sugar will get rid of all the dead cells on your lips and vaseline will nourish the babies! mix the two ingredient well and then scrub your clean lips with this for 'bout 10 mins and then wipe it off. end it all by applying lip balm!!

Lip Scrub #3

This isn't a lip scrub actually but this method will help you get rid of any dead cells on your lips revealing the pink and plumy lips!! make sure your lips are clean before doing this. grab a clean towel. dip it in warm water and scrub your lips with it gently. do this for around 10 mins. then put some lip balm.

Lip Scrub #4
Again, not a scrub, but a technique that requires you to scrub your lips. so kinda scrub. lol when you brush your teeth, gently brush your lips for 4 mins or so. this will help you to get rid of any dead cells on your lips, leaving beautiful pink lips!!


Drink a lot of waterr!!!! moisturize your lips gurrll!!! take care of the baby!! scrub it regulary!! avoid drinking tea and coffee. those drinks can darken your lips!! but if you do drink them, don't forget to scrub your lips, okayy??

That's all for today guys.. hope you like it..

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I'll see you guys in the next post.. till then you gotta take care of yourself and love yourself 'cuz you live only once..

Love yaa.. every single one of you.. xoxo

Saturday, 26 March 2016

March 26, 2016 0

💖DIY Nail Hacks!!💖 make your life easy!!💞

Wassup guys, it's Varia!!

"when everything goes wrong in life, i just look at my beautifully colored nails and get my sass back!!"

 Raise your hand if you've ever wished to get those pretty tumblr nails!! 

If you are the one who raised their hands up, i got chu!! in this post, am gonna tell you ppl super easy and cheap nail hacks to paint your nails in the tumblr way and take zillions of selfies with them!! keep reading till the end.!!

so w/o wasting any time, let's get into it!!

Hack #1

we all have tried 'toothpick dotting tool'. but for some ppl like me, it just don't work *idk why!*  i got a really simple trick for you guys! all you need is a pencil with rubber at the back and an all pin! tug the all pin in the rubber and you have your own dotting tool!! you can use an eraser for the same too, but that'd be kinda difficult, yk.

Hack #2

You know the times when you wanna mix nail paints to get the desired color but you can't find anything to mix on.. use an old CD for that!!

Hack #3

Have you ever wanted to have a nail polish of the color of your eye shadow that you wish if only you could make nail paint out to your eye shadow?!? well... this can happen!! sounds weird right, but this works for real!! all you need is your favorite shade of eye shadow, ofc and a transparent nail polish!! mix them both in a spoon and put it on your nails!! enjoy it gurls!!!

Hack #4

Raise your hands to the heavens if you love matte nails as hell!! but.. what if i say you can make a matte nail polish out of your regular one?!!? sounds good, doesn't it? take your nail polish in a spoon and add a little corn starch to it. mix it up and put it on your nails!! or you can make matte top coat and put it later on your nails after you are done with your regular one!!

Hack #5 

We all love glitter nail polish, but removing them is a big struggle. but you know it can be fun too!! put some school glue on your nails and let them dry before putting on glitter nail polish. when you wanna remove it, you can just peel it off! simple, isn't it?

Hack #6

Okay, so this one is the most known hack ever. if you don't wanna buy those nail art strips or you are out of money, you can your tape for that!! and it actually works!


When you put the 'tape strips' on your nail and put nail paint over it, don't wait for the nail paint to dry. peel off the tape at that time. this way your nail polish won't be spoiled.

Hack #7

I know none of us can wait to dry our painted nails. i got a trick for you guys! dip your fingers in cold icy water for 'bout 3 mins and ta-da!! your nails are dried now!!

Hack #8

We all hate the times when we grow our nails long and they break! what if i say, you can fix them in seconds!! nahh.. am not kidding girrl!! all you need is a lil' piece of teabag and nail glue. put the piece of tea bag on the broken nail area and put some nail glue. let it dry.

Hack #9

Use vaseline to wipe off any nail stains on your skin. or you can put a layer of glue around your nail (not on your nail) and peel it off after you're done! you will have no smudge around your finger!!

Hack #10

Clean your nails with nail remover before applying nail polish. this will remove any dirt from them and will help your nail polish to last even longer!!

That's all for now guys!! hope you all enjoyed!!

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Check out my older posted if you haven't. i'll see you guys in the next post..

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March 22, 2016 0

♡DIY Hair Masks!!♡ Heeling damaged, frizzy hair! 😻

Hello ppl, it's Varia!!
let's be true, we all have dealt with unhealthy hair at some point in our lives and some ppl like me are still dealing with this crap!!

✋Raise your hand if you're dealing with unhealthy hair.✋

I, being a 3b-curly girl has suffered from frizz and poofiness. after a long research and long sequence of experiments, i finally know how to regain my hair's health. so in this post, i am gonna share some of the hair masks that work for me and are worth a try!

So w/o wasting any of the time, lets jump right into it!!

1. BA-NA-NA!!!

Grab a ripe banana. cut it into small pieces and grind it. add few drops of essential oils or olive/coconut oil. if you want, add a scoop of yogurt. put it on your head from root to tip. wrap your hair in a plastic bag. rinse it off after minimum 25-30 mins.


Take 3-4 tablespoons of curd in a bowl. add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. if you want, you can add a few drops of essential oil. apply it from root to tip of your hair, cover your head with a plastic bag and let it sit.


Mix coconut oil and olive oil. you can add almond or Indian gooseberry oil too. heat it for 2-3 mins. massage your scalp with this. also put on your hair but focus on scalp. cover your head with a plastic bag and let it penetrate into your roots. wash it out after 30 mins.


Take pretty good amount of aloe vera juice. add a spoonful of honey. if you want add a few drops of essential oil. add 1/2 spoon of coconut oil. mix it all together.  put it on your hair. let it sit. then rinse it out.


Take one avocado. make its paste. add a spoon of honey. some coconut oil and castor oil. drop some essential oil. mix it up. put it on your hair. cover your head with a plastic bag. let it sit and then rinse it out.


I'd recommend you to wash your hair before using these masks. once you rinse it out, condition your hair and style as usual!!

Also, 'the longer you'll keep the mask on your hair, the better results you'll get.' i use hair mask once a week, usually on Sundays, and i keep it on my hair for like an hour or sometimes even more!! and trust me, this actually works!!

Alrighty loveeis that's all for today's post!!

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I'll see yaa guys in the next post. till then, take care and try this stuff out!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

March 09, 2016 0

DIY face cleanser!!

Hey ppl. it's Varia!!

so it's like we all want beautiful and clean skin naturally. and sometimes even youtube gives you ideas including ingredients which you can just not find around you.

✋ raise your hand if i just described your situation!!

but you need not to sigh in misery 'cuz am here with a DIY that can change your life!! i'll tell yaa how to make your very own cleanser out of..

-green tea


that's all!!  and the results are incredible!!

before we hope into the recipe, let's gain some knowledge, dude!!

green tea is anti-aging ingredient. so it's makes your skin healthy and fresh also acne-free!!
and honey helps your skin to fight acne and improves acne.  so these are the two things you need gurrll!!

What you gotta do:

-make a cup of green tea.

-let it cool.

-add one big spoon of  honey.

-mix it all.

-grab an empty bottle.

-pour the stuff in the bottle.

and you're all done!!you gotta put this stuff on your face after you wash it and pat it dry. use cotton, just like what you do while putting on toner. then let it sit for like 10 mins. and then put on a moisturizer. and you are all done!!

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i'll see you guys in the next post.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

March 05, 2016 2

acne help..

Welcome back guys, it's Varia!!

  and this is second part of the acne series!!
the previous part was about what you shouldn't do when you got acne. in this part we're gonna talk about things to do when you got acne.

so let's begin!!

1. drink a lot of water!!

 water is the key to healthy skin, healthy body, healthy nails, healthy you!! it just washes out all the dirt and stuff and leaves your body sound and clean!! i'd recommend to drink 8 glasses of water approx. you gotta do it for yourself, duh!!

2. watch out before touch!

 just resist yourself from touching your face. your hands might be dirty before you touch your face, right? and that'll get the bacteria to your face leading to more acne!! wash your hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash/soap as precautions.

3. protection is the need!

when you go out, your skin is constantly exposed to dust and dirt. protect your face by covering it from smoke, pollution, UV rays and stuff.

4. wipe your face!

our face gets too oily for the whole day, and this isn't cute. always keep face wipes/oil blotting paper on your bag to fix this situation!!

5. oil balance & skin creams!

 oil clotting on face can be a great reason for acne. and oil balance creams/lotions can be a great rescue!! personally, i prefer "Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion Oil Control". skin creams can play a  vital role in acne curing. it was a miracle in my case!

6. blood purifier!

these are basically tonics which you have to take every morning with a glass of water. the one that i've used is "SAFI blood purifier."

7.  psssstt.. a mild fash wash!

choosing the right face wash for your skin is really important. choose a mild, natural face wash and watch out the ingredients guurrll!!

Alrighty ppl!! i could think of only these ways rn. hope this'll help. 

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i'll see yaa ppl in the next post!!

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