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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

DIY face cleanser!!

Hey ppl. it's Varia!!

so it's like we all want beautiful and clean skin naturally. and sometimes even youtube gives you ideas including ingredients which you can just not find around you.

✋ raise your hand if i just described your situation!!

but you need not to sigh in misery 'cuz am here with a DIY that can change your life!! i'll tell yaa how to make your very own cleanser out of..

-green tea


that's all!!  and the results are incredible!!

before we hope into the recipe, let's gain some knowledge, dude!!

green tea is anti-aging ingredient. so it's makes your skin healthy and fresh also acne-free!!
and honey helps your skin to fight acne and improves acne.  so these are the two things you need gurrll!!

What you gotta do:

-make a cup of green tea.

-let it cool.

-add one big spoon of  honey.

-mix it all.

-grab an empty bottle.

-pour the stuff in the bottle.

and you're all done!!you gotta put this stuff on your face after you wash it and pat it dry. use cotton, just like what you do while putting on toner. then let it sit for like 10 mins. and then put on a moisturizer. and you are all done!!

Like if you're gonna do it!

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i'll see you guys in the next post.

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