DIY face mask!!

by - April 05, 2016

Hello ppl, it's Varia!!

So it was like, i found that my skin is lifeless may be 'cuz all of the work load, and it really required to be cared. so i tried out this amazing face mask stuff and it's awesome!! it refreshes my skin and gave it life again!!

Right from then, i was really eager to share this with you guys..

✋Raise your hand if you are really busy in your life.

But am here to help you out!!

Grab these:

-Fuller's earth (multani mitti)

-Citrus crush

-Gram flour


-Essential oils/ olive oil (coconut oil'll be find too. if you're considering essential oils, i'd recommend you to add 2 drops of tea tree oil)

-Raw milk/Water

so this is how it looks.

If you're too busy in your work or procrastinating things (lol that's soo me!!), or you're just too lazy to head to the parlour, you are at the right place gurrl!!

So w/o further gossiping, let's get started!!

- Start it all by putting about a spoonful of fuller's earth on the bowl.
 - Now add about 1/4 citrus crush.

learn how to make your own citrus crush here!!
-Add one spoonful of gram flour.
-Add one teaspoon of honey.
-Add 3-4 spoons of raw milk.
-Stir well to make a paste.
-Add more raw milk to get the right consistency.

psstt.... you can use water instead of raw milk.

And you're all done!! here you have your own face mask!! wash and scrub your face before putting this mask on. leave it to dry completely. wash it off with cold water and pat your face dry. put some moisturizer on your face and that's it!!

use this mask once a week!

yeah, that's me. ^^


you can dry the additional mask for after use. put some warm water for 15 mins before using it and then throw the extra water.  just make sure that you store it in a broader vessel. you can use it till you have it. lol. 

Enjoy ppl and lemme know how it worked for you!!

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