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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

💕DIY Lip scrub!!💕 get cute pink lips at home!!

Wassup guys, it's Varia!! welcome back home, gurrll!!!

Once upon a time, there was a lil' teenager.. who wanted pinkish lips.. but times were hard and so were her lips. so she searched and found some awesome ways to get charming lips!!
*Just for your knowledge, that girl was me..*

Raise your hand if you want pink lips!!

And if you desperately raised your hand, gurrll, i got chu!! In this post i am gonna tell you loviees super easy scrubs to have pink lips!! and.. some amazing tips and tricks to take care of your lovely lips at the end!!

So with all that been said, let's hop right into this!!

Lip Scrub #1

For this scrub you just require two ingredients. olive oil and brown sugar. you can use white sugar instead of brown. mix both of the ingredients. but don't dissolve the sugar grains in the oil. you want them!! before using the scrub, make sure that your lips are clean. then gently scrub your lips for 'bout 10 mins and wipe it off,then put some lip balm on your lips!!

Lip Scrub #2

This one is super easy and my favorite!! All you need is Vaseline and sugar!! sugar will get rid of all the dead cells on your lips and vaseline will nourish the babies! mix the two ingredient well and then scrub your clean lips with this for 'bout 10 mins and then wipe it off. end it all by applying lip balm!!

Lip Scrub #3

This isn't a lip scrub actually but this method will help you get rid of any dead cells on your lips revealing the pink and plumy lips!! make sure your lips are clean before doing this. grab a clean towel. dip it in warm water and scrub your lips with it gently. do this for around 10 mins. then put some lip balm.

Lip Scrub #4
Again, not a scrub, but a technique that requires you to scrub your lips. so kinda scrub. lol when you brush your teeth, gently brush your lips for 4 mins or so. this will help you to get rid of any dead cells on your lips, leaving beautiful pink lips!!


Drink a lot of waterr!!!! moisturize your lips gurrll!!! take care of the baby!! scrub it regulary!! avoid drinking tea and coffee. those drinks can darken your lips!! but if you do drink them, don't forget to scrub your lips, okayy??

That's all for today guys.. hope you like it..

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I'll see you guys in the next post.. till then you gotta take care of yourself and love yourself 'cuz you live only once..

Love yaa.. every single one of you.. xoxo

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