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Saturday, 26 March 2016

๐Ÿ’–DIY Nail Hacks!!๐Ÿ’– make your life easy!!๐Ÿ’ž

Wassup guys, it's Varia!!

"when everything goes wrong in life, i just look at my beautifully colored nails and get my sass back!!"

 Raise your hand if you've ever wished to get those pretty tumblr nails!! 

If you are the one who raised their hands up, i got chu!! in this post, am gonna tell you ppl super easy and cheap nail hacks to paint your nails in the tumblr way and take zillions of selfies with them!! keep reading till the end.!!

so w/o wasting any time, let's get into it!!

Hack #1

we all have tried 'toothpick dotting tool'. but for some ppl like me, it just don't work *idk why!*  i got a really simple trick for you guys! all you need is a pencil with rubber at the back and an all pin! tug the all pin in the rubber and you have your own dotting tool!! you can use an eraser for the same too, but that'd be kinda difficult, yk.

Hack #2

You know the times when you wanna mix nail paints to get the desired color but you can't find anything to mix on.. use an old CD for that!!

Hack #3

Have you ever wanted to have a nail polish of the color of your eye shadow that you wish if only you could make nail paint out to your eye shadow?!? well... this can happen!! sounds weird right, but this works for real!! all you need is your favorite shade of eye shadow, ofc and a transparent nail polish!! mix them both in a spoon and put it on your nails!! enjoy it gurls!!!

Hack #4

Raise your hands to the heavens if you love matte nails as hell!! but.. what if i say you can make a matte nail polish out of your regular one?!!? sounds good, doesn't it? take your nail polish in a spoon and add a little corn starch to it. mix it up and put it on your nails!! or you can make matte top coat and put it later on your nails after you are done with your regular one!!

Hack #5 

We all love glitter nail polish, but removing them is a big struggle. but you know it can be fun too!! put some school glue on your nails and let them dry before putting on glitter nail polish. when you wanna remove it, you can just peel it off! simple, isn't it?

Hack #6

Okay, so this one is the most known hack ever. if you don't wanna buy those nail art strips or you are out of money, you can your tape for that!! and it actually works!


When you put the 'tape strips' on your nail and put nail paint over it, don't wait for the nail paint to dry. peel off the tape at that time. this way your nail polish won't be spoiled.

Hack #7

I know none of us can wait to dry our painted nails. i got a trick for you guys! dip your fingers in cold icy water for 'bout 3 mins and ta-da!! your nails are dried now!!

Hack #8

We all hate the times when we grow our nails long and they break! what if i say, you can fix them in seconds!! nahh.. am not kidding girrl!! all you need is a lil' piece of teabag and nail glue. put the piece of tea bag on the broken nail area and put some nail glue. let it dry.

Hack #9

Use vaseline to wipe off any nail stains on your skin. or you can put a layer of glue around your nail (not on your nail) and peel it off after you're done! you will have no smudge around your finger!!

Hack #10

Clean your nails with nail remover before applying nail polish. this will remove any dirt from them and will help your nail polish to last even longer!!

That's all for now guys!! hope you all enjoyed!!

Like if these hacks were simple af!!

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