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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Monsoon Beauty MUST-HAVES.

We accept the life we think we deserve.
Welcome to my blog! We are in the middle of the monsoon and it might be raining when you're reading this. Lately, I realized I haven't done a monsoon beauty post yet. *wao* So, I decided to come up with a beauty version of must haves in monsoon and that's what this post is all 'bout! I have shared 08 products: skincare and makeup, that are literally must haves for this season. I believe in doing a couple more season special posts. If you want me to talk 'bout a specific topic, lemme know in the comments, I'd love to do a post on that!

#01. Oil removing Face Wash.
Monsoon comes with a lot of humidity. If you've noticed, your face gets really oily in this season. So, using specifically an oil removing face wash can definitely help. For oily skin, this is definitely a boon, and for normal/combination skin type, this will work too. But I can't be confident with my words for dry skin. Here I'll list two face washes and this monsoon, I am switching b/w these two only.  
The first one is Everyuth Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash and the other is Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Wash. I don't use Himalaya one for the purpose of fairness but 'cuz it's really moisturizing and calming to my skin.

#02. Scrubs.
I absolutely love scrubs. Somehow, I don't find it easy for me to scrub my face daily even with a daily scrub. Scrubbing is important irrespective of seasons. I scrub my face every 3 days or once a week. It's an additional step to get rid of the dead skin and kind of harm your skin on a minute level so your skin will heal with new skin (you get it, right?)
If you're a sensitive baby, you can use jojoba wax or cellulose based scrub. These are actually daily scrubs so they won't irritate much. 
I use Everyouth's Walnut Scrub. I use it now;  I used it then, and I'll use it FOREVER!

#03. Oil-free moisturizer.
Moisturizing keeps your skin healthy. Better you say it's a way to show yourself how much you care bout you. And self love is the best love, so why not?
Oil free moisturizer is a real thing in Monsoon. Clean and clear Oil Free moisturizer and Lacto Calamine are the two products that I'll recommend you.

#04. Primer. 
Skipping primer is never cool. I realized what I've been skipping until I used it. It 'adsorbs' on your skin and forms a "smooth film" on your face and don't let the makeup get into your pores and hence prevents makeup breakouts *exhales*. It also helps your makeup to stay.  And in monsoon, everyone's face gets oily, so it'll be helpful to keep your makeup on. Currently, I have Colorbar Perfect Match Primer and it works amazing.

#05. Matte Foundation. 
Since your face will be oily in monsoon, it is good to cancel it out with a matte foundation. Actually, foundation is not a must, everything depends on your choice and what you are comfortable in. If you're gonna use foundation, go for a matte one. It will keep you looking fresh all day. Whatever product you'll use, make sure it is waterproof.

#06. Compact powder.
I never skip compact powder whenever I do makeup. It soaks up the excess oil and sets everything. Also, it prevents your makeup from melting into each other. Currently, I use Maybelline Superfresh compact. It's a matte compact powder and it smells so fresh!

#07. Matte blush. 
I do not bronze up my face a lot in monsoon. It just doesn't go with the season. I take some light shade contour to add dimension to my face. Also, I skip 'popping highlighters'. I use non-shimmery ones to brighten up a few areas of my face. Monsoon is the blush season. I keep everything else light so that my blush will brighten up my face and add pretty charm to the whole look.

#08. Waterproof mascara and kohl.
I am not a kohl person. I like them but I can't wear them on my waterline idk. lol If you're a person who loves kohl and mascara and liners, don't forget to choose a waterproof product unless you don't wanna resemble a pretty panda in the city.  

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

06 Things To Do This Season.

If you won't follow your dream, who will?
Welcome to my blog! It was constantly raining since the last two days and I haven't seen the sun since ages. So, the monsoon is finally here! Today I am sharing 06 things you can do this monsoon. These aren't actually monsoon specific. You can do them when you just sit there trying to figure out what to do AKA when you're bored. All of these are aesthetically pleasing to me. Whenever I need to calm myself down, I do any of these. You can also take a nap. That's aesthetically pleasing too! Lately, I have realized that I make intros so long, so w/o further, let's get to the list!

01. Embroidery.
Lately, I found 'bout embroidery. I knew 'bout this artful thing but I forgot. Last week, I rediscovered it. I think I'll DIY my shorts and make a few embroidery patches. You can always look for some inspirations on Tumblr or Pinterest. All you need is a few colored thread rolls, a needle, embroidery loop, and a design. Don't worry if you don't have an embroidery loop. You can proceed w/o it. All you need to do is sketch the design on the cloth and stitch the whole design using various color threads. 

02. Paint Galaxies.
I used to think how tough this would be until I did it myself. Let me tell you beautiful, nothing's tough or impossible if you stop overthinking and proceed to the task, believing in yourself. I looked on Youtube for how to draw galaxies. It's all just 'bout playing with color but this is so peaceful. A couple of the galaxies are incomplete and sometimes it gets so messy but it's gonna stay with you and it's not 'bout coming with perfection, but peace in mind and a positivity.

03. Learn An Ancient Language.
This may sound really strange but learning an ancient language is a really amazing thing to do. It's challenging and at the same time, really fun. Maybe that's why it's on my bucket list too. I'd really like to learn Latin and Greek. And also I wanna learn a modern language, but I am not really sure 'bout it. Currently, I am learning Latin and it is so fun. It ain't as tough as I thought it would be and I am truly enjoying. 
04. Try Hidden Rainbow.
Hidden Rainbow has taken over the internet and this trend is total insanity. Hidden Rainbow is actually dyeing your hidden hair rainbow. It won't be visible when your hair will be down normally, but when you'll lift your hair or put them in a high bun. This is definitely not a monsoon thing but this is perfect for aesthetic Tumblr photography. You can also fake a hidden rainbow by dyeing your hair extension rainbow and sticking them to your hair.

05. Maintain Your Journal.
I have started so many journals but never continued one. This June I began with a journal and I am continuing it so far. It's actually a miscellaneous journal. I write what I feel like, I sketch, and doodle in the same journal. You can definitely have various journals for various themes/projects but if you're just starting or you have never been regular with your past journal(s), I'd tell you to go for one this time.

06. Meet & Fill Your Bucket List.
This is a really fun and inspiring thing to do. I always wanted to give a physical existence to my bucket list and this vacays, I finally did it. It ain't complete, I am still adding things and adventures I wanna go for on my bucket list. Learning Latin is one of the things and I am doing it currently. It is really inspiring. When you write your bucket list, you dream 'bout beautiful places where you wanna be and you get to know yourself a bit more. And when you cut the things out from your list, if feels really proud. "Don't just dream. Wake up and chase them". You give a physical existence to this quote.
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

DIY LIP SCRUBS: 03 recipes from your INDIAN KITCHEN?!

 you haven't come this far, to come this far 
Welcome to my blog! We take care of our face so much that we often forget 'bout our lips. I see some people with beautiful skin but dark and dull lips; this is definitely not my personal style. Well I don't judge anyone on their looks but hey, I believe in self love and so I highly appreciate people taking care of themselves since caring is a part of loving. So in today's post, I will be sharing 03 lip scrub recipes. Since everyone is doing lip scrubs and now it's nothing so special, I decided to make things a bit interesting. I bet all the ingredients are present in your Indian Kitchen (except vaseline). But if you are outside India and the traffic report says that I have a lot of non-Indian audiences, don't worry babe, I will list the alternative items too! 😉
One important thing, most of the recipes include not-so-tiny granules, so I definitely not recommend scrubbing your lips every day. I prefer and recommend to use any of these scrubs once a week.
So w/o further, let's dive in!

#01. Basically, all the recipes are so simple. For this one, you will need two ingredients, caster sugar, and clarified butter. I chose caster sugar since the regular sugar granules are bigger in size and hence it won't be much helpful w deep scrubbing. However, I find caster sugar more reliable for this task.
- Take appropriate amount of both the products. I prefer taking one part of each. 
- Mix them.
- Take little amount and gently scrub your lips. 

Caster sugar will scrub your lips and clarified butter (ghee) will moisturize. The best part about this scrub is it's edible!😋  and sweet 
 Since ghee is Indian AF, an alternative for it is olive oil and if you wanna go crazy, use whipped creme!😝

#02. The required ingredients are Semolina (Suji) and coconut oil. Now here you need to be careful while adding the oil. I like to take one part of suji and half part of the oil and work w them as usual. I have also tried semolina w ghee and it works amazingly well. The only con is that it ain't edible. So you need to be careful that suji won't get inside your mouth; but if it does, don't worry, after cleaning the scrub off gargle w water and spit all the intruder suji out! 😂

If you don't have semolina at your place, you can use salt. But this will taste horrible!  don't say I didn't warn you 
#03. You will need, caster sugar and vaseline. You can definitely play with the ingredients of the three recipes and create some new matches. I'd suggest adding the solvent really carefully and in small amounts 'cuz we don't want the scrub to be liquidy.  
So I take one part of sugar and a bit of vaseline and I mix them and scrub. 

Irrespective of the recipe, scrub your lips for 2-3 minutes. I'll suggest you to do this near your sink 'cuz this is so messy and no one wants scrub all over their floor, right? To take the scrub off, you can either wipe it off or wash your lips w cold water. Don't forget to moisturize your lips w your fav lip balm afterwards!
Also, I'd like to mention that these lip scrubs aren't storable at all. I always make them whenever I have to use them.
You can definitely play w the combinations and create new lip scrubs! If you do, share your new recipe(s) w me in the comments below or tell me which one is your fav among the three?
My fav among all is definitely the #01 since it's edible and really amazing! I also like using Semolina w ghee and it works well too! 

Here are all ingredients:
#01. Caster sugar (bura) and clarified butter (ghee)
        (alt.-olive or coconut oil)
#02.  Semolina (Suji) and coconut oil 
         (alt.-salt )
#03.  caster sugar and vaseline        

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How to: Slay Liner for ROUND EYES?!

 Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. Oh, so lovely. 
Welcome to my blog! I am a round-eyed person and I love winged liner. Well, that definitely ain't complementary but nothing can stop me from making my soul up. If you are a round-eyed person, I gotchuu! I have been lining my eyes since quite long now but I have never been regular w liners. I have tried all the types: liquid, gel, pencil, and now markers. But among all, liquid liners are my fav for somethings so strange. Anyways, I have searched a few tricks on the internet and I have found a few on myself and they all are really helpful to me so I hope the same for you. 
So, w/o further, let's wing this world!

The most common trouble for round eyes is that the eyelids get covered by skin. So the eyeshades aren't visible when we look up or look in front which is so irritating. The skin that covers our eyelids pretends to be the crease, though it ain't the real crease. The actual crease gets hidden in the skin and ain't visible. As a result of all this, round-eyes have less space for lining and hence the liner looks too bold or sometimes merges into the (pseudo)crease. 
woaah! that all was so scientific!
Bold liners are so dramatic and definitely never go out of fashion. I have two liner looks that you can wear every day and slay the world!

#01. Winged Liner
Being a round-eyed, I always face problem drawing a continuous and sharp wing, since the skin folds come in my way. You can always use the tape trick for getting a sharp wing but I have been doing something else since a few times which works the same way. You will need plastic covers from eyeshade palette (b/w the colors and the mirror). If you don't have one, you can keep a plastic piece in your makeup supplies. 
-Use it as a guide and draw a line that will be the wing of your liner.
-Next, leaving little space from the end of the wing, drag it to the middle of your upper lashline. Make sure that you won't make the liner too thick. Go slow. Go in peace. You'll do it.
- Then tilt your head towards the outer side and connect the wing to your upper lashline slowly in little light strokes.
- When you are happy with the shape, fill your liner and you are good to go!

This is the most classy look featuring winged liner. At the end, don't forget to finish with mascara.
pin it for later!
#02. Wingless Liner
The process is kinda same as for winged liner, except for the wing.
- Start lining from the outer corner of your eye and then move slowly to the middle. But this time, the outer liner should be thin.
- Then tilt your head towards the outer side and extend the liner towards the inner corner of your eye but don't connect it to the inner corner.
- By this step, you will be left with some 'slit moon' kinda shape with thin liner towards both the corners and thick in the middle.
- Fill your liner and make some adjustments. Go slow. Go peaceful and you'll slay the lining art!

Don't forget to line your upper lashline with a black kohl (irrespective of the style). It will make your eyes look fuller and wider. And coating your lashes with mascara is just an additional step that will bring additional style. 
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The #BraceFace Tag!😁

 no pain, no gain. 
Welcome to my blog! I am not really sure if you know this but I had braces once. That was a great experience and so painful sometimes. I had them for almost a year and a half (20 months to be precise). They said I had a severe overbite and that my upper jaw teeth were rubbing over my lower jaw teeth. I actually got them done for medical purpose and a perfect smile was a side reward. 😁 I have actually talked about my whole experience and where I got them done in another post. Click here to check that out. 
I saved this in my drafts months ago and then I completely forgot 'bout it. But finally, I am writing this. I explained everything I knew about braces in my previous post but this time I am answering specific questions so if you are someone who'd be getting braces soon or is planning to have them, this post will help you too much. 
Let's brace us!
1.When did you get your braces on?
I got my braces on !9th of April 2015 (yes I rmr the date).

2. How soon after you got them could you feel pressure or aching?
That was like an hour long process (maybe more). The moment I got up from the dental bed it felt really uncomfy in my mouth but I started feeling the actual pressure after 4-6 hrs.

3. On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the worst) how bad was the pain for you?
It used to hurt after my every visit to the clinic and the pain used to last for like 5 days.  On a scale from 1-10, I'd rate the worst pain as 8 and that's when I got my powerchain and I wasn't able to eat even soft fruits.

4. What kinds of food did you eat when you first got your braces?
I did this on the first day, and I used to do this on my every appointment. Have a heavy mean before doing to the orthodontist (please don't end up overeating and vomiting in the hospital; just a nice full tummy meal) and then rely on fruits and rice. On the day 01 of my braces, I ate watermelon in my dinner. 😂 and i watched TFIOS; hence maintaining balance in the world. 

5. How often did you get adjustments?
I used to see my dentist every month. So that's the only time I used to get my adjustments done or whatever. But if I would be having any trouble b/w the appointments, I used to call them and book an appointment and visit the place. Most of the time, it used to be a different doctor for fixing minor muddles. 

6. Do you wear rubber bands? Comment about them.
I used to wear rubber bands and I wore them for kinda long time; maybe 6-8 months (i don't rmr clearly; am sorry). They had only transparent rubbers (sighs) so I couldn't play w the colors. The day my doctor taught me how to put rubber bands on, I felt like I learned some rocket science or what and every time when I used to put them on, it felt like I was doing some hella important job in NASA.😂
It's so difficult to talk w rubber bands in your mouth at first, but don't worry, you'll master the art of widening your mouth to a reflex angle of 270° w rubber bands on.

7. How many times a day do you brush with your braces? Do you have any tips to prevent the "little white squares" on your teeth?
Well, I was supposed and told to brush my teeth at least twice a day. They said it's fine if you'll skip brushing your teeth after every time you eat. But definitely, I used to clean my mouth well. After every meal, I used to gargle w water first, then I used to clean them w proxa brush and then I used to gargle w a mouthwash. Of course, I skipped all this at school but every time when I was at home, I used to do this.
The most important tool for preventing those "lil white squares" is the proxa brush. You just need to keep it w you wherever you go. It's great for emergencies, you'd accidentally got some food stuck in b/w your braces and your out in an event or something. But that's not the only thing, it's a MUST HAVE TOOL in you have braces. It expels the food particles that get stuck in the brackets or anywhere in the metal. You can find it in any medical store or at a pharmacist's' place.

8. How often did you get your braces tightened?
I used to see my dentist every month, so that was when I used to get my braces tightened. It used to hurt for like the next 5 days and I used to feed myself on rice and fruits.

9. Do you get to pick your colors??
Yes, and I have tried every color that my dentist had. My dentist used to put tiny rubbers 'round the brackets (i'll assume it's to keep everything secured and tight). The first day, I got purple rubbers and he put them on w/o asking me but matching the color of my clothes😂

10. How long do you have your braces for?
I had them for 20 months, so be precise.

11. Did you need jaw surgery?
Not really. I didn't even get any teeth removed. I was 15 when I got braces. I am not really sure 'bout the age, but it's like until the age of 15 or 16, your jaw can easily make adjustments. So most people of that age group don't need surgery and thankfully, I wasn't an exception.

12. What kind of toothbrush do you use with your braces?
I used a normal toothbrush. I asked my orthodontist if I really needed to change but he said it was fine and the main thing is cleaning properly and I was doing that. So I didn't switch. But if you are having some problem in cleaning or your dentist says that you should change, then go ahead and switch your toothbrush.

13. Do you use wax?
Of course! I used wax from the first day I got my braces. Sometimes it used to hurt my inner mouth really bad and sometimes I even used to get some bruise. So wax was a must have for me. I don't really know if you have to buy them from the store, but my dentist used to provide them at no cost and as many as I need. I still have it with me. It's red, like flesh and I have no plans of throwing it away 'cuz memories (yes I am that kinda crazy).

14. How long did getting your braces on took?
It took two hours, I guess. I don't really rmr (sorry).

15. Do you ever get that metal taste in your mouth??
Umm not really. Even my blood tastes more metal-ly than braces.

16. What color bands do you get?? :)
I am assuming that color band here means the tiny bands over brackets. Lemme see, purple, grey, blue (that turned algae green, red, pink and maybe more. No matter what color I'd be getting, they would get that yellow touch after staying for 2 weeks in my mouth. Because, dude, we are Indians. We put turmeric in a lot of dishes that we eat in a day. So, that was inevitable!😂

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


world is a book. those who do not travel read only one page.
Welcome to my blog! Traveling is the most mysteriously peaceful thing. You loose yourself to find the true you. Today's post is really special to me. Because it's 'bout travel and makeup- the two things I love! When you go out to new places, you take a lot of pictures of that place, and ofc you-'coz memories! I personally like to dress up and do some sort of makeup and pose for photos, but this definitely does not reflect my opinions 'bout the idea of going w/o makeup. I absolutely love and enjoy both kinds!
Anyways, I have worked and listed the makeup essentials for you on the way to discover life, All the products are sorted in a checklist at the end of the post.
So w/o further talking, let the journey begin!

1. Moisturizer.
It is really necessary to moisturize your skin in every season. Though we aren't listing skincare essentials, moisturizing your skin before putting on makeup is important to prevent breakouts. Here I either take Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow or moha moisturizing lotion on my journey. And I use their little bottles so it's easy to carry. Definitely, you can pour some of your fav moisturizer in a lil bottle if the one that you have is bigger in size. 

2. CC Creme/ Foundation.
CC cremes are awesome things to work with, only if you know which shade will match your skin. If you feel like foundations will be too much for travel then CC creme can be your friend. But if we are same kinds of people, maybe CC creme would be too much for you. I like to take BB creme w me 'cuz they are light weight and helps w kind of natural look. But everybody is different and prefer different stuffs. Go for what you like, 'cuz life is too short to compromise. :")
For BB creme, I'll suggest one by Garnier or Maybelline.
For CC creme, I'll go w Lakme's and if you are a foundation person I'll say, The Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I love this foundation but it comes in a glass container. So I'll suggest you to transfer it to some travel friendly container to take on your journey.

3. Compact Powder.
If you are taking foundation/BB/CC creme w you, you have to put a compact powder in your bag. But there is high risk of breakage in taking it for travel. But don't worry, put some cotton b/w the mirror and the powder cake. This will surely save your compact from breaking. 
I have taken the compact by coloressence w me, but its size not travel-friendly at all. My current fav is one by Maybelline.

4. Eyeliner.
Liners are definitely a must if you are a makeup freak. But just because you take them w you doesn't mean you have to use them all the time. It's absolutely good to skip liner when you are on travel. Anyways, lemme tell you, marker liners are your best friend for travel. They aren't messy and the applicator works so smooth. You can line your eyes in the airplane or while waiting at the station or even in the cab (if the road ain't much rough). If you want something light and more natural, pencil liner will work for you. 
The pen liner that I currently have is by Maybelline and for pencil liners, I'll go w one my Lakme. Its actually an eyebrow pencil, but it works as a liner so good for me and that's why I prefer that one. These are the two products that I have used and I trust, so I suggest them to you. But the world is so vast and there are different things to try; you always have an option.

5. Mascara.
Who doesn't love mascara? For me, it doesn't matter if I am on travel or what, mascara is always my love. Definitely, I don't put mascara all the time when am traveling or so but majorly. When I get low self-esteem and stuff, I put mascara and feel like Connor Franta (most beautiful person in the whole wide effin' world). Anyways back to the point, my current fav mascara is Maybelline's Volume Express. And I believe it'll always stay one of my favorites. 

6. Eyeshades.
This is absolutely your choice. I personally don't use it in my travel except when I feel more artistic and want that extra element in my pictures. I'll suggest you to go w a small palette w some three or more shades so that you can mix them and create new looks if you wanna. 
I'd suggest Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten Palette (Golden Hot). 
Though it ain;t for eyeshades, but it's my fav.  You can create really simple and light eye looks w it; trust me when I say this 'cuz I have. :)
Another one is coloressence satin eyeshades. These come in different set of colors and there will be 3 colors in a palette. It's small and perfectly travel friendly. Just choose your eyeshade sets wisely and rock this summer!

7. Lip color.
Choosing lip shades is definitely your choice (what ain't!). I like to go w light and natural lip colors. But if you want some aesthetic photos, you can definitely put lip stain in your bag. 😉 My all time fav is Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in the shade pink pursuit. I also like to take one by Revlon in shade flirtation w me. 

So here's the final checklist:
(click on the item to buy)
- Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow or moha moisturizing lotion
Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream or Maybelline All in One BB Cream
  or Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Cream or  Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation      
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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Happiness is not a destination. It's a way of life.
Welcome to my blog! We all are in the summer and summer means going out, discovering different colors of life and getting tanned. If you believe in traveling or you dream of traveling to a place, summer is the best time to go and discover the unseen you. So that you won't face any trouble in your way to meet happiness, I have come up w the travel series. I wanted to do this for so long and finally I am doing this! I'll have a few ideas for posts under this series. Lemme know in the comments if you want me to do a travel post on some specific topic. Today I am starting w skin/hair essentials. And all of them are as important as your passport, so drop them in your bag before you take off.😏
w/o further, let's unleash the unseen!

#1. Moisturizer.
Moisturizing is a must for all seasons, and summer is no exception. And it becomes an important step when you are traveling. You will go to new places and do adventures. But you don't want your skin to dry and loose live for this, right? So carry a moisturizer w you whenever and wherever to you will travel and keep your skin hydrated and alive. I like to carry an extra drying moisturizer for extra moisturizer. My fav are Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow and moha moisturizing lotion (for extra drying skin).

#2. Sunscreen.
Summer comes w necessity for sunscreen. You don't want your skin to be red and irritated and sunburned, do you? I leave no chance to mention the importance of SPF. If you stay in hot country like India, SPF 50 or more is the perfect for your skin. My fav is Lotus Herbals safe sun. It has SPF 50 and SPV PA+++ but it's for normal to oily skin type.
PROTIP: Mix your fav moisturizer and sunscreen and pour it in a small bottle so it'll be easy to carry!

#3. Anti allergic/acne creme.
If you are allergic to something (like dust or sun rays or pollen, etc.) of course you need to be cautious. So don't forget to carry your anti-allergic creme w you to stay on a safe side!
And if you're a sensitive baby, don't forget to throw acne creme in your bag, because no one wants to go on a travel and come back w gifts of acne. :/
My all time fav acne creme is one by Roop Mantra. It's a part of my skin care since the past two years and literally, it has changed my life!
#4.oil blotting sheets and face wipes.
It is summer and no matter what skin type you are, you'll sweat and you're skin will produce oil. The presence of oil blotting sheets makes a big difference! Just gently pat those over your face and you'll find all the dirt and excess oil that your skin produced, on the sheet! Such a magical thing, isn't it? An alternative for this is tissue papers and trust me, it works!

#5. hand sanitizer.
This is a must to be in your bag. And maybe I don't need to explain why. It cleans your hands and kills the bacteria and hence prevents you from getting sick. Does it ever happen to you that suddenly your hands starts feeling dirty for no reason? If yes, then hand sanitizer is a life savior!
Currently, I have one by Lifebuoy but there are so many trusted brands who manufacture these.

#6. lip balm.
Generally, we focus too much on our skin that we neglect our lips. But babe, they are a part of your body too and they need to be taken care of. So lip balm is a lil thing that is essential to consume space in your bag. But make sure it has SPF in it because your lips need sun protection too. I know one by Nivia that has SPF in it. But that one just didn't work for me. You can always use Vaseline though.

#7 Deodorant.
Once you'll reach your destination, you'd be lost in discovering that place and capturing everything in a special place in your heart. It is summer so definitely you'll sweat. So keep a mini deodorant w you so that whenever you feel like, you can use it and feel fresh again! and plus point, it saves you from smell!

#8. Refreshing mists.
This is basically extension of the previous point. Refreshing mists helps a lot when you are on travel (or stress). Just spray it over your face and you'll feel fresh instantly! Definitely, you can use them over makeup. The best part, you can DIY them too!
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How To: Cure ACNE.

You are unstoppable. Just realize you deserve better.

Welcome to my blog! If you are here from the very beginning of this blog, you might be knowing that I began an 'acne help series' a long time back. I have had really bad acne (a year ago or so). That was actually 'cuz of a product that didn't suit my skin but I kept on using it (ugh!). Back to 2017, currently while writing this, I have no acne anywhere on my face. This definitely doesn't mean I never get acne. Yes, I do and I won't lie 'bout that. Nobody has perfect skin but that doesn't mean we'll stop looking after ourselves. Whenever I get acne, I follow a few steps and they disappear in like a week or so. I believe it will work for you too; at least they'll reduce your acne to a negligible size. If you try this lil routine and if you have bad acne, please tell me in the comments section how it worked for you.
I think I have talked so much, so w/o further, let's get the spell!

Step 01: Prepare.
Before doing the thing, you need to clean your face. If you wanna move a step ahead, you can scrub your face w your fav daily scrub.

Step 02: Moisturize.
Okay, it is really up to you if you wanna put on the night creme before doing this. I feel one should keep their routine steady and same as before, and just add this as an additional step.

Step 03: The Magic.
Here comes the most awaited part! So, my dear Cinderella, your magic potion is..
yess! your toothpaste.
I won't recommend you to go with ayurvedic kinds of toothpaste like Dant Kanti, I am not sure if it will come out with good results.
So once you have washed your face and applied moisturizer,
- take some toothpaste and a tissue paper (or a dry face wipe).
- put the paste on the pimple(s) and cover it with lil' torn pieces of the tissue.
- leave it overnight, or till it dries and then clean it off.

If your pimple's gone in 3-4 days, well and good. But if not, dot your acne creme over your pimples before going to bed. My acne noticeably reduces w toothpaste. But the final part is played by my acne creme.
Also, when you'll clean off the toothpaste, your acne may seem a bit swollen. But don't you worry my dear, they will reduce in size and you won't walk 'round w big pimple on your head for the whole day. :")

ps. Toothpaste contains ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, baking soda, triclosan that cause pimples to dry out. 
Putting toothpaste on the face may cause irritation and redness if you have sensitive skin. 
If anything like this happens to you, wash off immediately and it the irritation continues, see your doctor.
 If you try this trick out, please tell me in the comments section below if it did.
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to: Go CURLY.

     I am a queen crowned in my curls.
Welcome to my blog! In today's post, I am sharing the most basic and important knowledge you should have for going curly. If you are a curlyhead, you know it's not just 'bout simply shampooing and conditioning. I have spent two years figuring out how exactly shall we take care of our hair. For the whole life before that, I was a walking poofy cloud. But, that time's gone. Now I know what is good for my hair, and what ain't. Honestly, I am still learning. I love to know about new methods and new tools and trying out new brand products. I am still curious to know more and learn about new things out there in this curly wurly world.
So w/o further, let's unleash our curls!

 #1 Detangle 
The first important thing in going curly is to let your curls stay. sounds crazy, doesn't it?
And the most important step in letting your curls stay is to NOT comb your hair DRY.
sounds crazier, right?

If you have no clue about curly girl method, this might be so weird to you at first but believe me, it's worth a try.  When you comb your hair dry, the natural shape of your curl is disturbed and you are left w something like this:

But this doesn't mean you shouldn't detangle your hair. Do this in the shower. Let me break the most common myth: no. your hair WON'T become weak or break more if you'll comb them wet. And this is for any hair type. 
You can use a detangler or conditioner or oil (olive and coconut oils are my fav!) to detangle your hair. 
- Just part your hair into small sections and work w them one by one. 
- Saturate your hair w detangler/conditioner/oil.
- Take a wide tooth comb and start detangling them from ends to roots, lightly and patiently. 
Keep in mind that you use only a wide tooth comb or a detangler brush for detangling your hair. 

 #2 Cleaning 
Cleaning your hair is very important. But this doesn't mean that you should grab just any shampoo w/o glancing at the ingredients just because it says 'shampoo'. 
Here's another thing you should know: not all shampoos that say "for all hair type" are for all hair types. 
Curly hair is sensitive. They are like little newborn babies. They need extra care to shine. You should not use shampoos with sulfates in them. The sulfates will drag moisture from your hair- something your hair need. And the worst part: most of the shampoos in the market contains sulfates.
Now you may ask if sulfates are bad for hair, why they put them in the shampoos? 
That's because they are good cleaning agents. They are found in detergents and dish washing soaps for cleaning dirt and oil out of the clothes and dishes. But as I said, curly hair is sensitive. They need moisture. So, you need to cut sulfates out of your hair wash products.
The non-sulfate shampoos contain mild cleansing agents, but trust me, they clean well. You always have options for deep cleaning if your hair feels too dirty. 

How to know if my shampoo has sulfates in it?
- Look at the ingredient lists at the backside of the shampoo bottle. 
- The sulfates usually have big names but the last name is always 'sulfate'. 
- If you see it in the ingredient list of your any hair product, and you are curly,

Where can I find sulfate-free shampoo?
If they aren't available in the stores, you can always look for them online. The one that I am using and my current fav is by  Shea Moisture. I have also used one by Iha but it gave me a lot of acne somehow, so I don't use it. You can definitely try new products if you wish to.

PROTIP: If you can't find sulfate free shampoo at the moment or you don't wanna buy one, you can always opt for the clarifying rinse. All you need to do is add a tableful spoon of baking soda in a bottle of water and rinse your hair w this. Massage your scalp well to break build up. Then rinse w clear water.

Another important step. If you shampoo your hair and you skip conditioner, you are doing it wrong babe. But if you are using just any conditioner, you are still doing it wrong. Most of the conditioners out in the market contains silicones which are, again, not good for your hair.

How to know if my conditioner has silicones?
- Look for the ingredients at the back side of the bottle.
- Search for the products w suffix -cone, -cane, -col, -conol, -xane. These are the compounds w silicone in them.
- If you find such an ingredient in the list, THROW THE PRODUCT AWAY!

Silicone will dry your hair and this will ultimately strip moisture out, which you don't wanna see happening. You can always search for silicone free conditioners online if you aren't able to find them in the local stores.

PROTIP: If you find a product online but the selling site hasn't provided the ingredient list, search for its review on the internet. All the reviewers provide full ingredient list on their websites.

You should always condition your hair and never your roots. This will prevent the volume loss, and also this won't weaken your hair roots.
- Turn your head upside down and take two pumps of conditioner on your hand.
- Spread the product on your palm and smooth it down your hair.
- Gently scrunch your hair.
If you want, you can wash it after 4-5minutes (or more). If no, then you can leave it as such. It will act as a leave in.

 #4 Moisturize 
Well, conditioner is to moisturize your hair. But if you are a curlyhead, and you have dry hair, you need to use extra product to have beautiful bouncy lively curls! Leave in conditioner can play a big role in this task. It is basically a conditioner, which you can put on your hair after wash and it will provide extra nourishment and hold to your hair, leaving your hair pretty and fresh!
- Take a good amount of leave in on your hand.
- Spread it on your palms.
- Bring your head upside down.
- Glide the leave in down your hair.
- Then scrunch!
It is better for your hair to put oil/serum after leave in. It will create a 'shield' and will lock the moisture in your hair.  Also, the oil's gonna reflect light and make your hair shine like a star!!
You can also section your hair and work w them. But don't forget to scrunch them!

 #5 Styling 
An important part of going curly is helping your hair stay curly; probably the most important. Hair gels and mousses will be your best friends for this. But you need to watch out babe, there's a lot of evil in this world. Before buying any product, go through the ingredient list at least twice. You don't wanna buy a product w silicone in your natural hair journey. do you?
You can also DIY your own gels. Aloe & flaxseed have been my fav for this task. though i have never made flaxseed gel.

There are different methods of styling curls. You can simply scrunch, finger coil, twist out, or you can just "rake and shake". Let me know if you guys want me to do a whole post 'bout styling curls. I'd love to do it!♥

Cutting sulfates and silicones from your shampoo & conditioner ain't enough. Make sure none of the product you use should have them.

suggested: 5 easy DIY hair masks.
                   10 curly hair tips you need to know.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post helps you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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