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Sunday, 18 September 2016

September 18, 2016 0

Get Ready w/ ME!! Traditionals-Makeup, Outfit and many more!!

Hey Chubbies! wass'up! i hope you all are doing amazayn!! ik i haven't posted here for like months. and am actually so so sorry for that. but yk school work and all the assignments stuff. ugh!
 So as my apology i have planned this awesome surprise post for you guys! First ever GRWM on this blog!!

✋ Raise your hand to heavens if you're excited af!!

So this GRWM is basically on getting into traditionals-traditional makeup. wear, hairstyle, and nails! umm.. the makeup and all that i've been sharing in this post is basically what i did on teacher's day. 

So, w/ all the prerequisite done, let's get into this!! 


I decided to keep the outfit simple, as a teacher. So i picked up this goldenish-orange saree, you see in the picture below, with a maroon border having golden work on it matched w/ a reddish maroon blouse. Plus i was wearing traditional but not-to-heavy jewels and i was handing a black artificial leather yeti purse.


I wanted my nails to match my outfit. Since i was wearing a golden-orange saree w/ a maroon blouse, i went for a golden, red nail art.
Starting off with applying base coat, then i put two coats of golden nail paint (golden dust).
Then i put two strips on the corner of my nails, making oblique sign and painted the top portion of my nails maroon and soon after that i pulled the strips out. Once it was dried, i applied a sparkling coat (shine divine) and finished it off w/ top coat.


So, i washed my face w/ everyouth face wash and used it's walnut scrub. Then i applied Lakme peach milk moisturizer onto my face, accompanied w/ roop mantra-face cream afterwards. 

Then i applied BB creme. I used Garnier's.

Next, i put two pumps of Lakme foundation on my makeup brush and soothed it on my face in circular motions.

Next, i put coloressence compact powder on my face. 

Then i used a lil' trick to bake my face. I put baby powder over my compact powder surface and applied it underneath my eyes and on my jawline. Using a brush, i blended it all through.

Then i got to touch up my face a bit more. I handed to my Makeup Revolution Golden Hot Palette which include bronzer, highlighter and blush. I bought it from Nykaa. it costed me for  660 while it's actual pricing is  850.
I contoured my cheeks, my jawline, my nose and also my hairline.
Then i went on highlighting. I did near my eyes, my nose, on my upper lip, my cheeks, chin, a bit on jawline and in b/w my eyebrows.
Next i put blush on my cheek. and blended it well.

Me in my classroom. ft. my awesome friends!! p.s.: i wrote a quote on right corner of the board :3

Then i turned to my eyes. At first, i put base on my eyelids. Then i used light red-pinkish eye shadow to give it a fleshy-look. Then i gave a touch of brown on the outside. Later i filled a bit golden in b/w area and then i ended up by filling my inner-corners with white shade.

Next i went for winged liner and a bit of mascara. I used Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Liner, which i got for 480 from Nykaa and Maybelline Mascara. Then i put a bit of kohl to specify my eyes even more.
For my lips, i chose orange-ish red lipstick and gave it an ombre touch w/ my foundation.
Then i ended my look w/ a beautiful dark bindi to get a more traditional look.


A night before, i washed my hair w/ a sulfate free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner; they're called 'Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo ' and 'Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Shine Conditioner'. Also i did a hair mask that night, which was again from Shea Moisture range.

 Back to teacher's day, i didn't actually washed my hair, rather completely wet them and scrunched a lot. Then i applied silicone and sulfate-free leave in conditioner and scrunched again. Then i wrapped my hair in a microfiber towel and proceeded w/ my makeup.
Once i was done w/ my makeup, i freed my hair and styled them.

I parted my bangs out and held the rest of my hair together with a banana clip. 


i was wearing my heels for the occasion

Me w/ my buddy <3 3="" td="">

Truly, I enjoyed that day so so much. I will never ever forget that wonderful time. How proudly we walked on corridors, taking clicks and signing autographs. that amazayn time when we taught in the classrooms for those 40 mins. tbh, really if i'll ever get a chance, i'd love to move back to that time..

So that's all for today guys. hope you'll enjoyed reading it as i loved writing it. 

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

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