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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

February 07, 2018 11

2017 Recap+2018 Resolutions

Today, I choose joy.
Welcome to my blog! Or welcome to first post of 2018! First, happy new year! You survived 2017, it might be a good or a bad experience but the best part, it was an experience and it'll make your life better in some way. Anyways, today's blogpost is about the last year and resolutions for the new year. 

Whatever happens, there's always some good among the worst. And it's really important to appreciate self even if it's for lil things. There are a lot of things I wanna do this year for self that will make me better in person.  I didn't take any resolutions last year coz tbh I wasn't that mentally healthy. So I wanted to set lil goals rather than setting yearly resolutions. Comparatively, I think I am healthier. I still get that feeling but now I can do my work and make things better.
Let's dive in!

2017 RECAP.

My blog completed two years. 
This place is so important in my life. I find peace in writing the content, in photography sessions, editing, promoting and everything related. Two years ago, little me created this place and I am so happy  it's a couple years old now.
Blog Milestones.
A lot good things happened for the first time to my blog. One of my blogpost crossed 200 views on the first day of posting itself. My monthly blog views crossed 700 from all countries around the globe. I finally started promoting my blog. Tbh I was so scared of this world but I told the negative committee that sits inside my head to shut up and started doing what's right for me.
Overcoming social fear.
My blog plays a great role in making me socially bold to speak for myself and others too. This year, I wore my hair down in public for the first time. This might sound extremely silly but to an emotionally bruised introvert that I am, it makes so much sense.
Lemme just tell you, do what you wanna; it's all good until it's not harming humanity in any way. If they truly love you, they'll support you for good.
Making new friends.

This seems so weird. Making friends is not my kinda thing. This year I joined college and got to know some new ppl. In no way I can forget my school ppl but yes, I have known some college ppl now. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Some are just "give and take" kinda friends, some are "pep talk" sort  of friends, some are friends to who you don't talk always but when you do, it's just love and love, and it's totally okay to have em in your life. The thing is I feel connected to a few ppl on an emotional level, and when that happens, ik I am gonna make some friends.
Became editor of The POC times.
Last year I became the fashion Editor of the digital magazine, "@thepoctimes". It's truly fun working w them. We are soon coming up with a new issue. This one is special 'cause  this time, printed versions are also available on orders.
Road to recovery
I went through a major failure this year. And it makes me more sad 'cause I worked on that task and I guess I did it quite well. But somehow, I didn't get what I expected.
Despite all the things, I moved on to 2018 alive. And that's the most important thing.


Self learning.
I wanna know myself more; accept who I am. Life has proved that love is a gigantic hoax to me. I wanna prove this wrong. I wanna love me; and love myself back. Maybe I'll come up with a series on self learning here soon, what you say?
Learn cooking.
I am 18 and doesn't know much dishes to make. I want myself to be an independent adult and def I can't survive without food. So I have set myself a goal of learning 2 dishes to cook, I think this ain't too much and I can do this def.
Overcome the fear.
There are a few things we all fear. I see no reason to be scared of the world. It's something in you that stops you. I wanna overcome that 'something'.
Exercise this summer.
I so want myself to be fit; not for the world but myself. In my busy schedule, ik I can't workout every single day of 2018. So my goal is to get a lil in shape in summer 2018.
I wanna stay motivated and work work work for myself.
Be kind.
I wanna be kind to myself, to ppl around me. Sometimes I can be a bad bish and not control my anger. Ik that's not healthy but somehow, I can't help. I wanna learn to hold that. Maybe meditation will help.
Do not give up.
I believe there'll be a lot of shit happening in my life in 2018 and I am def gonna get depressed. But I'll try to still be productive and try to make things better. I'll try to help myself and just be happy and get going.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥Connect with me on:  FacebookInstagramPinterestBloglovinTumblrFor business inquiries, email at variainwonderland001@gmail.comMeet you in the next post!

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