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Saturday, 5 March 2016

acne help..

Welcome back guys, it's Varia!!

  and this is second part of the acne series!!
the previous part was about what you shouldn't do when you got acne. in this part we're gonna talk about things to do when you got acne.

so let's begin!!

1. drink a lot of water!!

 water is the key to healthy skin, healthy body, healthy nails, healthy you!! it just washes out all the dirt and stuff and leaves your body sound and clean!! i'd recommend to drink 8 glasses of water approx. you gotta do it for yourself, duh!!

2. watch out before touch!

 just resist yourself from touching your face. your hands might be dirty before you touch your face, right? and that'll get the bacteria to your face leading to more acne!! wash your hands with an anti-bacterial hand wash/soap as precautions.

3. protection is the need!

when you go out, your skin is constantly exposed to dust and dirt. protect your face by covering it from smoke, pollution, UV rays and stuff.

4. wipe your face!

our face gets too oily for the whole day, and this isn't cute. always keep face wipes/oil blotting paper on your bag to fix this situation!!

5. oil balance & skin creams!

 oil clotting on face can be a great reason for acne. and oil balance creams/lotions can be a great rescue!! personally, i prefer "Lacto Calamine Skin Balance Daily Nourishing Lotion Oil Control". skin creams can play a  vital role in acne curing. it was a miracle in my case!

6. blood purifier!

these are basically tonics which you have to take every morning with a glass of water. the one that i've used is "SAFI blood purifier."

7.  psssstt.. a mild fash wash!

choosing the right face wash for your skin is really important. choose a mild, natural face wash and watch out the ingredients guurrll!!

Alrighty ppl!! i could think of only these ways rn. hope this'll help. 

Like if you've acne too!

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i'll see yaa ppl in the next post!!


  1. hey varia!! it's awesome.. thank you! :D


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