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Monday, 29 February 2016

Diy Citrus crush!

Hey ppl it's Varia!! 
 Today's post about making your own exfoliator!! it's so cheap, so easy and effortless!!
i don't know what's this called actually, so i named it 'citrus crush' 'cuz it's linked with citric acid.

this is great! it takes off all the dead cells and also works as an anti-oxidant for skin and used in face masks; also it works great to cure acne!!

So without lavishing any time, let's do this!!

You'll need:

-citrus fruit peel.
 that's all!!

Starting it all by drying the fruit peel in sun. any citrus fruit'll work, but I've used orange, lemon.
drying process takes weeks. before moving to the next step, make steady that the peel is completely dry.i repeat, "completely" .

citrus crush!!
a closer look..

now all you gotta do is crush it to fine granules.
and voila! your citrus crush is ready!! 

try it out and lemme know!
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