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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

♡DiY matte lips♡

Hey ppl, it's Varia!!
 i know we all love matte. weather it's matte nails or matte lips, it's always sassy!!

But if you get a normal lipstick and want matte of the color, you need not  to buy a new one! you can make your own matte lipstick!!

Soo.. let's do this!!

You'll need: 

- a lipstick (on which you wanna work)
- a tissue or a face wipe.
- a talc.
yesh. you read right. a talc!

Alright, so first you gotta put your lipstick on, ofc. then let it sit for some time.

red lips ready to go matte!


After that, you gotta take your tissue/face wipe and put it gently on your lips and just put on some talc over it. do it a few times and then take off.

And here you go! Enjoy sassy matte lips look and.. don't forget to take classy selfies!! 

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