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by - January 28, 2016

Hey guys it's Varia!! 

   So..  i am gonna do a "acne help series". 
              In this series i'm gonna share do's and dont's when you got acne, curing diys, prevention and my personal skin care routine.. i had my first 'bad acne' when i entered my high school, and acne is something that doesn't look cute.. i researched about acne curing a lot and experimented new methods and diys on me and for now, it's way better..   
in this post i am gonna talk 'bout what you shouldn't do when you got acne.        

         Alright so let's fight acne together!!

-Don't touch your so frequently.    

   your hands might be dirty, so the germs can get to your face leading you to more acne.

-Don't wash your face so frequently   

   washing your face a lot will dry your skin and it'll secrete more oils leading acne on your face. wash it only twice a day and there should be minimum 8 hrs. gap between the washes.

-Find what's wrong and cut it out.  

   search out what is working wrong for your skin and throw it away! there are some brands which use a lot of chemicals, silicons, and stuff in their products; don't make your skin addictive to them. if they give rashes or acne, don't use those products ever..

   -Don't stress.  

     remember, every time you frown, you force a pimple to pop up on your face. so keep smiling. 
- Take care while drying.
   after washing, when you dry your face, don't rub it vigorously no matter how late you're getting.. that'll lead to rashes. be gentle to your skin..  treat your skin as a lil' baby. be nice to it. ^_^

Alrighty, so that's all for this post.. i'll continue the series with the same post.. wait for it guys!!

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i'll see yaa guys in the next post..


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  1. thanks for this post.. i hope this'll help me.. :)


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