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Monday, 18 January 2016

DiY Dream Catcher..

Hey guys its Varia!!
This post's gonna be about learning how to make your own dream catcher!! Before doing this project i just want you all to have a lil' bit of information about dream catcher..

What is a Dream Catcher??

- A Dream catcher is a small hoop decorated with bead and feathers and all the stuff and the hoop is woven in a beautiful design. It's supposed to be hanged above your bed or somewhere near that area.

It is believed that it takes away all the bad dreams and give good dreams to one in sleep and some good vibes. The belief was started by American Indians.

Alright, so what you need for this is:

- a round loop (a bangle'd work ofc)
- a yarn
- some beads ad feathers
- some old necklaces (this is optional)

So.. Let's Do it!!

So first of all take the loop,in my case it's a bangle. if you want you can paint it brown or copper color but mine was already good. next you gotta take the yarn 'bout 12 inches and just make a knot through the bangle. then stretch the yarn to an inch and wherever it marks the bangle, put another knot through it. i prefer five more neither less. 
   Okay so when you're done with the first round, we gotta move on to the next one, you gotta repeat the steps. to begin the second loop, put the knot in the middle of the coming stretched yarn piece from the first round. and then go on putting the knot in the middle of the coming yarn piece. make sure that it's all tight.

the red lines shows how you gonna proceed. dotted is the beginning for the second round. 

   Repeat the same process when you go on for the third round. when you are all done just tie the final  knot and cut out the leftover yarn.

  Now comes the decoration part.
Take some beads and hang them in random yarn pieces. if you want put a special bead in the middle of the "web" just to make it look prettier. then take some feathers, tie them together with a string or a thin wire and then tie it with the bangle. you can hang colorful yarns or multi-colored yarn braids too to make it look more awesome. if you got any old necklace, you can hang it there too. 

At last, the final move..
 hang the dream catcher above or around your bed to get good vibes!!

I hope you guys enjoyed doing it with me.. and if you do this, send me it's pictures on any of my social media.

If you guys wanna ask me something, leave the questions in the comment sections, i'll try to answer it ASAP.

Also if you guys wanna got suggestions or any ides, feel free to share..

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i'll see you guys in the next post..


  1. wow..........didi.... I didn't know abt this Dream Catcher.. <3 i will try my best to do this ....thanks a lot for this cute idea...

    1. ahah!! thank you!! if you'll have any problem in that please ask always here to help yaa... ^_^

  2. wow BHUMI its cool. idea was really nce, totally loved it.

  3. It's seriously so awesome yrr <3

    1. tq parul..♥ please subscribe for more..


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