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Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Sleek Baby Hair & Tame Frizz?!

Welcome back guys, it's Varia!

I am soo proud to say that my blog just completed a year! woohoo!! so the last year, we hit 2500+ audience from all over the globe, and for this year I wanna set the target a bit high. what 'bout 5000+ page views? big target! but I believe we'll do this! let's wait for the days ahead!!

Hopping onto today's post's topic, we are gonna talk 'bout the problem we all face, at least for once in our lifetime.

✋ Raise your hand if am correct.✋

Guess, what I am talking about?

Have you ever gone through the times when you do a marvelous hairstyle after 1000 efforts and the only thing that is staining your look are your baby hairs and you have no idea what to do with them??

Well, if I just described your every morning situation, don't worry babe, I have a way!
As the title of the post describes, today we are gonna solve your problem so just calm your mind down and keep on reading!!

#1. Balm it up!

Did you ever know, you can use lip balm to tame your frizz too?? sounds weird, no? but it actually works! Just smooth your balm over your hair with light hands and ta-da! the frizz's gone!
But make sure that your lip balm ain't pigmented, only if you wanna fake color your hair 

 #2. Brush 'em down.

You will need- a toothbrush
                     yes, you read it right, a toothbrush!

So once you're done styling your hair, comes the time to tame the baby hair down. and for this, we are gonna use a toothbrush!
You can wet your brush before using it so that the results will stay long.
But what works best for me is the combo of vaseline w/ the right quantity of water.

#3. Hair dye Brush Trick.

Having the right kind of brush is a prior thing in order to tame frizz. If you've tried it, you might agree with the fact that regular tooth comb just does not work here.
You can definitely work with a thin comb. But I love to work with hair dye comb w/ brush.

My Trick!

I have tried all the above ways, but yk there's always a favorite out of all. As I've already mentioned in #3, I prefer to go with the hair dye brush trick.


Since it provides one stand to tame the frizz and sleek the baby hair! I put some vaseline on the comb of the brush and run wet palms on my hair before taming the frizz with the comb.
Next, I put some vaseline on my fingers just a little of it and then I just pass my fingers on my hairline. Next, I take the brush in my hands and use the hairy side of it to sleek the baby hair in the way I like.
And am done!

That is all for today loves, I hope this post helped you.
Tell me in the comments section if you tried it and how it worked for you. and if you have any query, go to the comments section and ask, I'll answer as soon as I can. If you haven't till yet, subscribe to my blog so that you'll stay updated.
Hope you all have a wonderful life!

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