Maybelline Duo: All In One BB creme and White Superfresh Compact.

by - May 25, 2017

"she wears all black, just like her soul; still her heart made of gold."

Welcome back to my blog! Recently, I ran out of BB and CC creme and I had to buy one. I wanted to try a new brand so I went w Maybelline. Well, I am already up w coloressence compact but buying one by Maybelline along w it's BB, wasn't that bad idea, was it?
Today's post is the first impression on the ultimate Maybelline Duo: All In One BB creme and White Superfresh Compact.

So, w/o further talking, let's dive into the Maybelline world!

Starting off w the bb creme, I kinda liked its packaging, though it was normal. It comes in a tube w
18 ml product for ₹250/-But the tube does not has any kind of seal, which is a minus point.
The self-life of the product is 36 months.
It's available in 03 shades (01 nude, 02 radiance, 03 natural), which match the common Indian skin tone. Mine is the middle one, 02 radiance. It has SPF 21 PA++ so it claims to protect your skin from rays.
The consistency is nice. It has the typical BB aroma, but don't worry it fades away in minutes, once applied. It provides medium coverage, which is satisfactory.
It claims to:
-give you visibly brighter and radiant skin
-conceal blemishes and imperfections
-visibly minimize pores
-even your skin tone
-smooth looking texture and hydrate skin all day.

-Take a bit of product on the back of your hand.
-Warm the product by blending it with your finger.
-Dot the product all over your face and neck.
-Blend it using a sponge or brush.

Well, I like the fact that it's a well-tested product and it's suitable for sensitive skin too.

I liked the product. It majorly provides what it claims. It deals w blemishes and pores on a satisfactory level. It does even your skin tone and the skin turns visibly brighter. But the fact that it does not provide matte finish is a con for me. That means when you'll step out in the sun wearing this product only, you're gonna sweat. Well, this is not a thing to neglect if you have oily skin. The formula was suitable for my skin type but if you have dry skin, it may not be hydrating. It has SPF 21 PA++ which means you have to put sunscreen on if you stay in a hot place like India.
ps: According to the dermatologist, the suitable SPF for India is SPF 50. 

1. provides brighter and glowy skin.
2.evens skin tone and minimizes pores.
3.suitable for all skin types.
4. Provides smooth texture.

1. The product is not sealed.
2. Not hydrating for all skin types.
3. It has less SPF, hence does not protect skin from sun rays (as claimed).

Let's move to Maybelline New York White Super Fresh Compact. It comes in a typical compact package, nothing special. There is 8g of product for ₹150/-
The self-life is for24 months, which is pretty nice.
It comes in 04 shades (pearl, shell, coral, and marble) where coral is the lightest and marble is the darkest shade. Mine is shell (medium-wheatish skin). It has SPF 28/PA+++,  so definitely you're gonna wear sunscreen before putting this product on. It has a really light flowery aroma, which might be irritable to some fo you.
Its plus point is that it contains perlite, which is a "bulking absorbent" and it is used for visibly perfecting skin. Hence, it absorbs sweat and oil and provides a matte finish.
It claims to:
-provide 12 hrs fresh and perfect look
-prevent sweat and oil
-protect skin from sun darkening and damage.

Well, the product provides all that it claims except total protection from the sun. Also, it is mentioned on the carton to use extra sun protectant for intense sun exposure.

I have tried this duo and it is perfect. The BB creme provides perfection and glow and the compact sets and mattifies everything.
I'll give this duo a thumbs up.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥
Meet you in the next post.

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