HOW TO: Prevent and Cure Makeup BREAKOUTS.

by - September 13, 2017

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Welcome to my blog! I absolutely love makeup. Even though it ain't my daily to go job, I love to try new looks for some occasions or whenever. One thing that comes w makeup is breakouts. :/  Literally every time I put on some foundation, a day later I'll see acne somewhere on my face. And trust me, babe, this doesn't feel cool! So I did some sorta research and found 'bout a few things that are necessary to prevent breakouts and they have truly helped me w this. That's all today's post is 'bout; preventing and curing makeup breakouts!
So w/o further, let's begin!

#01. Primer.
You shan't skip primer no matter what. I didn't know that, but I realized the reason behind my breakouts was skipping the primer. That's the goosiest thing I have ever done in makeup. Primer forms the barrier b/w your face and makeup. It stops any of the ingredient absorbing or getting into your skin and hence it prevents reactions too. Realizing it's importance, I've bought one by colorbar and I really liked how amazing my skin feels after putting this thing on. It has definitely helped me w makeup breakouts!
#02. Aloe vera.
If you don't wanna invest in a primer or you have run out of one, Aloe Vera gel is an amazing alternative. You can also use it except for makeup purposes and it will do so good to your beautiful skin! Leave it on your face overnight and in a few days, you'll see a noticeable improvement. It will cure acne and will provide glow to your skin.
#03. Essential oil.
Essential oils are also so helpful for curing acne including makeup breakouts. Try out face masks w essential oils in them or you can mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil w your night creme. You can also make refreshing sprays by diluting essential oils. Just keep in mind that you always use essential oils diluted in some sort of solvent. I'll recommend lavender or tea tree oil since they are the best essential oils to help w acne in my knowledge.
suggested: DIY face mask.
                  Summer skincare routine.

#04. Toothpaste.
Yes hun, toothpaste! It has been my best friend to save me from those lil pimples here and there on my skin. Just dot it on your pimples and cover w a piece of tissue paper and the magic will happen!
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#05.Acne creme.
Definitely acne creme is supposed to help you w acne. But you can speed up the process by dotting it on your pimples before going to bed. Or you can dot your acne gel on the pimples and cover it w bandages (or lil piece of bandages; you decide!). The pimples will be gone by a few days. And this truly works!

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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  1. I am so lucky this has not been a problem for me in the past. Great post to share though as there are many that could use this knowledge.

  2. Some very handy tips here, some people forget about the prevention and what is needed to fight a breakout.

  3. great write up for those who have acne or for anyone! I didn't know that about premier... duly noted! As the for Aloe Vera I've been using that for a very long time, super beneficial! I also have used the toothpaste method for a long time as well, it really works for those moments you get a pimple. my friend slept over and she put toothpaste on her pimple and that is how I found out about that trick ;)

  4. Primer is a must! I never used to bother with it but I've noticed such a difference since I started using it. Not only does my makeup last longer but I have very few breakouts now

  5. I have begun hearing that using toothpaste can help with the acne. I will show this to my daughter to see what she thinks. She is starting to go through that time and beginning acne.

  6. I'm going to buy a primer as my skin is terrible when I wear make up. As a result I never really do and then I feel quite self conscious!

  7. Primer is something that I never put make up on without now! No foundation lasts without it. As for Aloe Vera, my Mum always had the plants in the kitchen in case of burns, it's so calming for acne-prone skin.

  8. Toothpaste? For real? Gosh I had no clue! Imma try this out next time! Also primer is really important! I started using primer lately and I can see huge difference! My make up lasts almost all day! Definately a must-have!

  9. Some super good tips here! I tend to lean towards gothy, vampy make-up: which is obviously heavy enough to screw up my skin on the regular if I don't take care of it!

  10. This product looks so interesting. I will definitely check this immediately.

  11. I do not wear a lot of makeup but I am sure that these tips will help people who do and have these issues!

  12. I've had a few breakouts over the years, but never really had acne. One of my best friends for pimple control was tooth paste. But it gets worse before it gets better.

  13. Nice blog for this important information on were very interesting...
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