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Friday, 6 May 2016

Makeup time!! DIY Purple Lips!! ♥

Hey guys, it's Varia!! welcome home gurrll :3
i am really sorry to post really late, but yk freaking studies!! ahh.!

✋ Raise your hands if you hate creepy syllabus!! 

So in today's post, i am gonna teach you guys how to get awesome purple lips!! You need not to buy a new lipstick for this You can spice up your lips just using your makeup kit!!

So w/o further talking, let's get started!!

All you need is: a purple eye shadow/kohl and a white kohl! that's all!

Of course, you're gonna do this on clean lips.

In between your upper lips, using purple shade make a cross just to define them a bit.

Then drag the line to the corners of your lips making a purple outline.
Then darken up the outline.

Do the same with the lower lip. Darken it's lining too. Then blend it up.

Now use white shade to fill the inner of your lips and blend again. Do this a few times to get the perfect  look.
Make sure there are no white patches on your lips.

And TA-DA!! enjoy amazing purple lips perfect for partying whole night!!

That's all for today guys!!

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I'll see yaa guys in the next post. Till then, live, inspire, create..

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