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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Ariana Grande inspired DIY Choker neck tattoo!!

Hey chubs, it's Varia!! So good to see yaa back!! ^^

So recently Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Women (Visual 1)' came out and it's amazing!! tbh, this is the first Ari's mv i really liked. I loved her makeup thoo.. and the most beautiful and eye-catching part was her choker!!

✋ Raise your hand if you're an Arinator!! ♥ 

Her choker was soo tumblr!! w/o wasting a sec., i decided to make one!!
So in this post chubs, am gonna tell you how to get a choker tattoo for easy!!

Alrighty, so you'll need an eyeliner, a black kohl, translucent powder and your favorite choker design!! You can use a baby powder as a translucent powder and i'd recommend you to use thin gel/liquid liner and not pencil one just for the sake of cleanliness.

Start up by drawing the choker design that you have chosen on your neck using a black kohl. Then carefully overdo the outline with the eye liner.
Let it dry. Now pat up the design with translucent powder/baby powder.
and TA-DA!! your choker tattoo is on fleek!

The above tutorial is for black choker. You can make white choker using white liner or a red one w/ red eyeliner. Choose your favorite color, your favorite design and make your own choker!!

That's all for today chubs!!

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I'll see yaa guys in the next post.

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