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Monday, 16 May 2016


*song of the post- Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld.*

Hey chubs, it's Varia!!
I have curly hair; some of you might be knowing this from my previous posts and the rest of you now know. I've got 3b hair type-black color-virgin hair. Being a brown curly girl i, personally, have struggled a lot, got creepy comments for the texture of my hair, and all the strange looks of relatives, ugh!!

 Raise your hand if you've struggled for your hair!!

I have researched a lot on my hair and here i am with some of the basics and easy tips you need to know to rock with your curls.

w/o further talking, let's get into this!!


Don't comb/brush your hair dry!! Ofc you've done this and you know why am saying so.

Combing curly hair dry leads to breakage and damage your hair. So, better you not brush or comb them dry.. Wet your hair and saturate them in conditioner before combing them.


Your regular towel got big fibers. So when you rub your hair with the towel, it creates frizz.  Better you ditch your towel and use a microfiber towel or an old, but clean, cotton t-shirt instead!! Plop your hair so that extra water/product will be soaked by the tee/microfiber towel.

How to plop your hair using a tee.


Many shampoos and other hair products out there in the market contains sulfates and silicons. These are the chemicals that you can easily find in you detergents. Curly hair are soft and delicate; just like a baby's skin. These shoddy chemicals could be harsh to your curls.
So before buying any hair product, better you check it's ingredients once. One can easily identify a sulfate but it's kinda tough to spot silicons in the products.  Just go through the suffix of the ingredients. If you find any thing ending with: -cone, -cane, -col, -cohol, -xane
beware, it contains silicons!!

Some of the sulfate free brands in India are: Khadi, Rainforest, Bodyshop, Iha.


Curly hair are beautiful. But they turn out to be dry and damaged when left uncared. Deep-condition your hair once a week to bring back life in them!!
  Guess what?! you can make your own too!!


"Whenever i do my hair, after some time little stands just pop up and make me look like a amateurish ghost from some 60's scary movie!!"

If you're the one who can relate, gurrll i got chu!!
On a humid day, our hair pop up to sneak water from the atmosphere. If we will moisturize them, they won't stand looking for it. Wet your hair (better with a spray water) and put on some leave-in conditioner on them. Oil act as a leave-in too. Or You can use your basic "silicon-free" conditioner.

6. STYLE 'EM!!

"You know the times when your hair are perfect after the wash, but the time destroys it all.. "

But i am gonna save chu gurll!!!

Use hair silicon-free mousse/gel. That will give your hair a good hold. Only if you're wondering 'bout DIYing them, yes gurrl you can!! My favorite DIY hair gel are that of flax-seed and aloe vera; 100% natural, safe, and amazing!!
Hair gel creates a "crystal sheath" around your hair and help your curls to stay in shape!! Just scrunch the product to your hair and let it air dry. You will find your hair to be crunchy once it's completely dry. Don't worry. it's a part of the process. You gotta scrunch your hair again and TA-DA!! you're done!!


"Who likes to wake up as a "spiky monster" even if when you sleep as a "night queen"?! "

well.. i don't!!

So how 'bout sleeping on a satin-silk pillowcase to reduce frizz!!
When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, all through the night your hair rub against the cotton fibers, creating frizz. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase, your hair will slide on it and hence creating no frizz. You can use a satin scarf too or a satin cap will work ofc!!


"You know when you're home and it's too hot to keep your hair down, and you do your hair haphazardly and turn them into a mess!! "
Need not to panic gurrl, am alive!! Do a pineapple when you wanna keep your hair up. You can also do this style to go out, and who doesn't love a pineapple bun, huh!!

 "... but how to pineapple my hair!?"

Turn your head upside down. Gather all your hair to the mid of your skull (dw if you they are slightly displaced). Loose them from the roots and pout a hair tie!! If you want, take some chunks of your hair and roll them around the hair tie and bobby pin them to get a pineapple bun!! Put a headband to secure your baby hair!!


"My hair are on fleak but here i have my baby hair ruining everything!!"
 Gurrl, you can tame your baby hair using a toothbrush!! Believe me it actually works!! Use some hair gel foe better hold.


Your curls are your babies.. People may be against them, but you should be on their side. They are your own part. Love them from all your heart and soul, and they will flourish like anything. Don't work against them, work with them. Care for them. Keep your head up and never feel shy to bring your curls to the world. This is YOU. and you need not to change for the society. Be yourself, Love yourself and Rock the world with your gorgeous curls!!

That's all for today my chubs!!

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                     *stalking is secretly caring!!*

I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

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