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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Love Christina ♥

Hey chubbs!! hope you all are good.
ik you all will be like, what's wrong with me. ahah actually nothing's bad. it's all as before. i just thought doing this post 'cuz i wanted to share my views.

huhh.. ik am late but it don't reduces the pain. it's 'bout Christina.
Christina Grimmie.
 the rising star who was shot to death before she could lighten ppl's lives. Last month, she died, rather killed.

After her concert, she was meeting her fans, signing and greeting. smiling.. happy. But the heavens necessitated her oblation. That day foul covered as saint. She thought he was just another fan. She opened her arms to greet him w/ warmth but the angel had fallen, the hope was loosing.
He pulled 'bout his gun and thrusted shots of unkindness and cruelty to her heart and her head.
Her divine body couldn't take the poison and she went to the heavens.

The war was lost. and this time, it was humanity who vanished.

It was her body that bleed, but the wound ripped our all's souls apart. The scars were on her frame, but the whole mankind was devastated.

She was just 22.
She was living her dreams.
And may be that's not a sin for which death is the retribution.
 They say,
everything happens for a reason.
Trust Him.
Trust His Process.

May be we need to create a surrounding where individuals are allowed to play their hearts.  #RIPChristina .
We will love you forever. The humanity will never forget you. ♥


  1. Like gravity, peace should also be universalized! ��

  2. Like gravity, peace should also be universalized! ��


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