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Hello bbies!! Varia's back w/ another post! Guess what? I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!
-Oh hell, like whhhhaatttt????
-Hell ehh!! 😎

So today's post is a tribute to (no longer mine) braces. Gonna tell you my whole experience w/ braces!!

 Raise your hand if you've got braces!

*raises hand*

I've shared my #NoMoreBraces pics on twitter. Just in case if you wanna follow me there, my twitter handle is>> @bhumitiwari9

So w/o further do, let's get right into this!!!!

I got my braces on 19th April, 2015, a month after my 10th standard exams ended.
I got my treatment done from Fine Feathers Dentists. They have different branches all 'round Gujarat and I used to visit one near my place.

My teeth were actually too much inward. They said i had 'sever overbite'  and that my upper teeth were rubbing over my lower teeth and hence my lower teeth were soo thin. Hence i got my braces so that my teeth can be how they were supposed to be.
But of course you can get braces to get that '32-teeth smile' 😄

The moment i got up w/ braces in my mouth, it felt soo uncomfortable. I was like, 'whatt is thing in my moutthhh???' I had no clue how i was going to deal w/ it and for a sec, i doubted my decision. And in the beginning, gurrl, it hurt, REALLY BAD!! 

I used to see my orthodontist every month. I got used to my braces like, after a week i got them on. Then these metals became a part of my mouth! Later it didn't use to hurt like, every day. But yes, after my monthly appointment, when he used to tighten my braces or do something else, it did hurt. and the pain lasted for like, 3-5 days (or a week) but after that, things get back to usual, yk.

The first day, when I got my braces on, i ate watermelon, for my dinner.
The key lies here:  have a heavy meal before seeing your orthodontist 'cuz it's gonna hurt afterwards and you can't escape the pain. After that, feed yourself on soft fruits, milk and rice for a week.

And, the hardest part is to keep your teeth clean! I used to brush them in a normal way. You need to buy 'ortho brushes' to remove the food that gets into the gap in the braces. Use them to clean your teeth after every meal and gargle w/ a mouthwash. Brushing your teeth after every meal is not a necessity. I was suppose to brush my teeth twice a day, but being a lazy jerk, i use to brush them only once. 😝

"permanent-linked retainer"

Whenever my braces used to hurt my inner mouth, i used to put wax on them to prevent hurting. Also the doctor gave me rubber bands to put on. I don't exactly rmr how long i put them on, but i believe it was for like 6-8 months.
Also I've had powerchain. Now i really have no idea how long that was for but i had it in either dark blue color or transparent. There was a grey one too but i never went for that.

"hawley retainer"

On 18th December 2016, i got my braces off! and OML i waited an hour to get in and for like one more hour they were cleaning my teeth and stuff. Finally they handed me my retainer and yeah! now i need to see the doctor two more times, for cleaning and once for getting my retainer off.
I have got "Hawley Retainer" for my upper teeth and "Permanent-linked Retainer" for my lower jaw.

I didn't get my any teeth out for my treatment and the doc said it wasn't required. I'd tell you guys don't remove your teeth unless it is not really important; that'd my advice to you.

I am finally soo happy by the results. Definitely, i miss my braces and my every month visit to the clinic. The doctors were so nice and here comes the best part: nobody ever complaint if any food was there on my teeth. The doctor'd just peacefully clean my teeth and proceed the treatment. 😇
I am so thankful to them and my sister too, who sponsored my treatment. 😁

So that's all my bracefull journey! (ik it's not making sense)
So that was all my experience w/ braces. I hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you out.
If you have any questions regarding braces or anything just ask me out in the comment section below. I will do my best to help you out!

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

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