How To: Cure ACNE.

by - June 07, 2017

You are unstoppable. Just realize you deserve better.

Welcome to my blog! If you are here from the very beginning of this blog, you might be knowing that I began an 'acne help series' a long time back. I have had really bad acne (a year ago or so). That was actually 'cuz of a product that didn't suit my skin but I kept on using it (ugh!). Back to 2017, currently while writing this, I have no acne anywhere on my face. This definitely doesn't mean I never get acne. Yes, I do and I won't lie 'bout that. Nobody has perfect skin but that doesn't mean we'll stop looking after ourselves. Whenever I get acne, I follow a few steps and they disappear in like a week or so. I believe it will work for you too; at least they'll reduce your acne to a negligible size. If you try this lil routine and if you have bad acne, please tell me in the comments section how it worked for you.
I think I have talked so much, so w/o further, let's get the spell!

Step 01: Prepare.
Before doing the thing, you need to clean your face. If you wanna move a step ahead, you can scrub your face w your fav daily scrub.

Step 02: Moisturize.
Okay, it is really up to you if you wanna put on the night creme before doing this. I feel one should keep their routine steady and same as before, and just add this as an additional step.

Step 03: The Magic.
Here comes the most awaited part! So, my dear Cinderella, your magic potion is..
yess! your toothpaste.
I won't recommend you to go with ayurvedic kinds of toothpaste like Dant Kanti, I am not sure if it will come out with good results.
So once you have washed your face and applied moisturizer,
- take some toothpaste and a tissue paper (or a dry face wipe).
- put the paste on the pimple(s) and cover it with lil' torn pieces of the tissue.
- leave it overnight, or till it dries and then clean it off.

If your pimple's gone in 3-4 days, well and good. But if not, dot your acne creme over your pimples before going to bed. My acne noticeably reduces w toothpaste. But the final part is played by my acne creme.
Also, when you'll clean off the toothpaste, your acne may seem a bit swollen. But don't you worry my dear, they will reduce in size and you won't walk 'round w big pimple on your head for the whole day. :")

  1. ps. Toothpaste contains ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, baking soda, triclosan that cause pimples to dry out.  Though I find this very effective for me, I won't suggest you to use it frequently. It can disbalance pH of your skin and might lead to other skin issues.

Putting toothpaste on the face may cause irritation and redness if you have sensitive skin. 
If anything like this happens to you, wash off immediately and it the irritation continues, see your doctor.
 If you try this trick out, please tell me in the comments section below if it did.
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥
Meet you in the next post.

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