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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Happiness is not a destination. It's a way of life.
Welcome to my blog! We all are in the summer and summer means going out, discovering different colors of life and getting tanned. If you believe in traveling or you dream of traveling to a place, summer is the best time to go and discover the unseen you. So that you won't face any trouble in your way to meet happiness, I have come up w the travel series. I wanted to do this for so long and finally I am doing this! I'll have a few ideas for posts under this series. Lemme know in the comments if you want me to do a travel post on some specific topic. Today I am starting w skin/hair essentials. And all of them are as important as your passport, so drop them in your bag before you take off.šŸ˜
w/o further, let's unleash the unseen!

#1. Moisturizer.
Moisturizing is a must for all seasons, and summer is no exception. And it becomes an important step when you are traveling. You will go to new places and do adventures. But you don't want your skin to dry and loose live for this, right? So carry a moisturizer w you whenever and wherever to you will travel and keep your skin hydrated and alive. I like to carry an extra drying moisturizer for extra moisturizer. My fav are Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow and moha moisturizing lotion (for extra drying skin).

#2. Sunscreen.
Summer comes w necessity for sunscreen. You don't want your skin to be red and irritated and sunburned, do you? I leave no chance to mention the importance of SPF. If you stay in hot country like India, SPF 50 or more is the perfect for your skin. My fav is Lotus Herbals safe sun. It has SPF 50 and SPV PA+++ but it's for normal to oily skin type.
PROTIP: Mix your fav moisturizer and sunscreen and pour it in a small bottle so it'll be easy to carry!

#3. Anti allergic/acne creme.
If you are allergic to something (like dust or sun rays or pollen, etc.) of course you need to be cautious. So don't forget to carry your anti-allergic creme w you to stay on a safe side!
And if you're a sensitive baby, don't forget to throw acne creme in your bag, because no one wants to go on a travel and come back w gifts of acne. :/
My all time fav acne creme is one by Roop Mantra. It's a part of my skin care since the past two years and literally, it has changed my life!
#4.oil blotting sheets and face wipes.
It is summer and no matter what skin type you are, you'll sweat and you're skin will produce oil. The presence of oil blotting sheets makes a big difference! Just gently pat those over your face and you'll find all the dirt and excess oil that your skin produced, on the sheet! Such a magical thing, isn't it? An alternative for this is tissue papers and trust me, it works!

#5. hand sanitizer.
This is a must to be in your bag. And maybe I don't need to explain why. It cleans your hands and kills the bacteria and hence prevents you from getting sick. Does it ever happen to you that suddenly your hands starts feeling dirty for no reason? If yes, then hand sanitizer is a life savior!
Currently, I have one by Lifebuoy but there are so many trusted brands who manufacture these.

#6. lip balm.
Generally, we focus too much on our skin that we neglect our lips. But babe, they are a part of your body too and they need to be taken care of. So lip balm is a lil thing that is essential to consume space in your bag. But make sure it has SPF in it because your lips need sun protection too. I know one by Nivia that has SPF in it. But that one just didn't work for me. You can always use Vaseline though.

#7 Deodorant.
Once you'll reach your destination, you'd be lost in discovering that place and capturing everything in a special place in your heart. It is summer so definitely you'll sweat. So keep a mini deodorant w you so that whenever you feel like, you can use it and feel fresh again! and plus point, it saves you from smell!

#8. Refreshing mists.
This is basically extension of the previous point. Refreshing mists helps a lot when you are on travel (or stress). Just spray it over your face and you'll feel fresh instantly! Definitely, you can use them over makeup. The best part, you can DIY them too!
Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥
Meet you in the next post.

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