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Wednesday, 21 June 2017


world is a book. those who do not travel read only one page.
Welcome to my blog! Traveling is the most mysteriously peaceful thing. You loose yourself to find the true you. Today's post is really special to me. Because it's 'bout travel and makeup- the two things I love! When you go out to new places, you take a lot of pictures of that place, and ofc you-'coz memories! I personally like to dress up and do some sort of makeup and pose for photos, but this definitely does not reflect my opinions 'bout the idea of going w/o makeup. I absolutely love and enjoy both kinds!
Anyways, I have worked and listed the makeup essentials for you on the way to discover life, All the products are sorted in a checklist at the end of the post.
So w/o further talking, let the journey begin!

1. Moisturizer.
It is really necessary to moisturize your skin in every season. Though we aren't listing skincare essentials, moisturizing your skin before putting on makeup is important to prevent breakouts. Here I either take Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow or moha moisturizing lotion on my journey. And I use their little bottles so it's easy to carry. Definitely, you can pour some of your fav moisturizer in a lil bottle if the one that you have is bigger in size. 

2. CC Creme/ Foundation.
CC cremes are awesome things to work with, only if you know which shade will match your skin. If you feel like foundations will be too much for travel then CC creme can be your friend. But if we are same kinds of people, maybe CC creme would be too much for you. I like to take BB creme w me 'cuz they are light weight and helps w kind of natural look. But everybody is different and prefer different stuffs. Go for what you like, 'cuz life is too short to compromise. :")
For BB creme, I'll suggest one by Garnier or Maybelline.
For CC creme, I'll go w Lakme's and if you are a foundation person I'll say, The Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I love this foundation but it comes in a glass container. So I'll suggest you to transfer it to some travel friendly container to take on your journey.

3. Compact Powder.
If you are taking foundation/BB/CC creme w you, you have to put a compact powder in your bag. But there is high risk of breakage in taking it for travel. But don't worry, put some cotton b/w the mirror and the powder cake. This will surely save your compact from breaking. 
I have taken the compact by coloressence w me, but its size not travel-friendly at all. My current fav is one by Maybelline.

4. Eyeliner.
Liners are definitely a must if you are a makeup freak. But just because you take them w you doesn't mean you have to use them all the time. It's absolutely good to skip liner when you are on travel. Anyways, lemme tell you, marker liners are your best friend for travel. They aren't messy and the applicator works so smooth. You can line your eyes in the airplane or while waiting at the station or even in the cab (if the road ain't much rough). If you want something light and more natural, pencil liner will work for you. 
The pen liner that I currently have is by Maybelline and for pencil liners, I'll go w one my Lakme. Its actually an eyebrow pencil, but it works as a liner so good for me and that's why I prefer that one. These are the two products that I have used and I trust, so I suggest them to you. But the world is so vast and there are different things to try; you always have an option.

5. Mascara.
Who doesn't love mascara? For me, it doesn't matter if I am on travel or what, mascara is always my love. Definitely, I don't put mascara all the time when am traveling or so but majorly. When I get low self-esteem and stuff, I put mascara and feel like Connor Franta (most beautiful person in the whole wide effin' world). Anyways back to the point, my current fav mascara is Maybelline's Volume Express. And I believe it'll always stay one of my favorites. 

6. Eyeshades.
This is absolutely your choice. I personally don't use it in my travel except when I feel more artistic and want that extra element in my pictures. I'll suggest you to go w a small palette w some three or more shades so that you can mix them and create new looks if you wanna. 
I'd suggest Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush Bronze & Brighten Palette (Golden Hot). 
Though it ain;t for eyeshades, but it's my fav.  You can create really simple and light eye looks w it; trust me when I say this 'cuz I have. :)
Another one is coloressence satin eyeshades. These come in different set of colors and there will be 3 colors in a palette. It's small and perfectly travel friendly. Just choose your eyeshade sets wisely and rock this summer!

7. Lip color.
Choosing lip shades is definitely your choice (what ain't!). I like to go w light and natural lip colors. But if you want some aesthetic photos, you can definitely put lip stain in your bag. šŸ˜‰ My all time fav is Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in the shade pink pursuit. I also like to take one by Revlon in shade flirtation w me. 

So here's the final checklist:
(click on the item to buy)
- Vaseline total moisture cocoa glow or moha moisturizing lotion
Garnier Skin Naturals Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream or Maybelline All in One BB Cream
  or Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Cream or  Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation      
Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥
Meet you in the next post.

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