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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

DIY LIP SCRUBS: 03 recipes from your INDIAN KITCHEN?!

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Welcome to my blog! We take care of our face so much that we often forget 'bout our lips. I see some people with beautiful skin but dark and dull lips; this is definitely not my personal style. Well I don't judge anyone on their looks but hey, I believe in self love and so I highly appreciate people taking care of themselves since caring is a part of loving. So in today's post, I will be sharing 03 lip scrub recipes. Since everyone is doing lip scrubs and now it's nothing so special, I decided to make things a bit interesting. I bet all the ingredients are present in your Indian Kitchen (except vaseline). But if you are outside India and the traffic report says that I have a lot of non-Indian audiences, don't worry babe, I will list the alternative items too! 😉
One important thing, most of the recipes include not-so-tiny granules, so I definitely not recommend scrubbing your lips every day. I prefer and recommend to use any of these scrubs once a week.
So w/o further, let's dive in!

#01. Basically, all the recipes are so simple. For this one, you will need two ingredients, caster sugar, and clarified butter. I chose caster sugar since the regular sugar granules are bigger in size and hence it won't be much helpful w deep scrubbing. However, I find caster sugar more reliable for this task.
- Take appropriate amount of both the products. I prefer taking one part of each. 
- Mix them.
- Take little amount and gently scrub your lips. 

Caster sugar will scrub your lips and clarified butter (ghee) will moisturize. The best part about this scrub is it's edible!😋  and sweet 
 Since ghee is Indian AF, an alternative for it is olive oil and if you wanna go crazy, use whipped creme!😝

#02. The required ingredients are Semolina (Suji) and coconut oil. Now here you need to be careful while adding the oil. I like to take one part of suji and half part of the oil and work w them as usual. I have also tried semolina w ghee and it works amazingly well. The only con is that it ain't edible. So you need to be careful that suji won't get inside your mouth; but if it does, don't worry, after cleaning the scrub off gargle w water and spit all the intruder suji out! 😂

If you don't have semolina at your place, you can use salt. But this will taste horrible!  don't say I didn't warn you 
#03. You will need, caster sugar and vaseline. You can definitely play with the ingredients of the three recipes and create some new matches. I'd suggest adding the solvent really carefully and in small amounts 'cuz we don't want the scrub to be liquidy.  
So I take one part of sugar and a bit of vaseline and I mix them and scrub. 

Irrespective of the recipe, scrub your lips for 2-3 minutes. I'll suggest you to do this near your sink 'cuz this is so messy and no one wants scrub all over their floor, right? To take the scrub off, you can either wipe it off or wash your lips w cold water. Don't forget to moisturize your lips w your fav lip balm afterwards!
Also, I'd like to mention that these lip scrubs aren't storable at all. I always make them whenever I have to use them.
You can definitely play w the combinations and create new lip scrubs! If you do, share your new recipe(s) w me in the comments below or tell me which one is your fav among the three?
My fav among all is definitely the #01 since it's edible and really amazing! I also like using Semolina w ghee and it works well too! 

Here are all ingredients:
#01. Caster sugar (bura) and clarified butter (ghee)
        (alt.-olive or coconut oil)
#02.  Semolina (Suji) and coconut oil 
         (alt.-salt )
#03.  caster sugar and vaseline        

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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