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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

December 12, 2018 2

19 Things I Learnt At 19

 You are of worth enough to slow down for 
Welcome to my blog!
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This week I turned 19. Last year was so amazing *touch wood*. I have changed so much from how I was 2 years ago. I am walking in 19 with a lot of lessons learnt and lot of new experiences. I could feel the change and it is positive in every possible way. Here I have listed 19 things I learnt at 19: the first blogpost for my birthday ever.
Let's dive in!
1. Take a stand for self. No one else got time to prove your point. 

Stop waiting for someone to step up and say allegations on you are wrong or take a stand for you. You're grace. You're power. You've survived this long in this world, you are capable enough to stand not only for yourself but everyone who needs it. But you need your voice the most. Use it for self. 
You're wrong till you prove yourself right. 

2. Let incidents go. Ask yourself this, "will this matter in 5yrs?" If the answer is no, you probably shan't think about it.

Whatever happens, happens. There's nothing wrong in examining it or thinking about it. But if you still think about something that happened a week or a month ago, then it's nothing more than a thought that's occupying so much of your mind. Thoughts are meant to come and go, not stay in your mind. Identify it's a mere thought now, breath it in and breath it all out. Never look back again and think about it the same way even once. 

3. It's always a no till you ask for it. 
I am socially awkward as hell. I forget how to walk in front of ppl tbh and it's so awkward for me to meet a person and talk to them, even ask for a simple thing or doing a simple thing in front of ppl. Just know, the answer is always no till you ask the person.

4. Your real friends will love you for who you really are.
This is a very important lesson for me. Not every one you meet in you life has to be your Friend for ever. People come and go, that's a thing. Never change yourself for anyone. The people who truly love you, will you love for raw you, no matter how wierd or different from all that side is.

5. Don't compare your chapter 1 with someone's chapter7
I compare myself with people a lot. I used to compare my life with literally everyone I'll see over the internet or real life. It's always the success that shines while the struggle goes unnoticed. 

6. Don't slow down just coz they say you need to or you see you're ahead of them. They aren't. They won't wait.
Listen to ppl, listen what they say, but do what you think is right for yourself, and this world. Trust your conscience without letting your decision affected by other people.

7. Love yourself and your family.
They are who'll be there for ever. They are who have been there since ever. They have done so much for you without wanting anything in return for themselves. They are my true told model.

8. Spend time with your family. Hug your mom a little more. Kiss your sister a little often.
Your friend might be busy when you're down and need someone to talk to. But your family will always be there to cheer you up, play ludo and make you forget about the death of your fav character.

9. Don't stop or change your track coz of anyone.
People come and go. Some stay. But you are constant. You are the only person who'll always be a part of your life, who has always been. Don't change your goals coz of anyone. When that person will be gone, you might regret changing your path and not continuing on your previous path towards the goal of your life that you left for someone who's not there in your life rn or ain't that important.

10. Don't compare your life with others'.
Some people are very privileged. but if you have a roof over your head, stomach full, a sanitised toilet facility, and education you're more privileged than 50% of the country. 

11. If you're going through hell, keep going. Who wants to stay in hell.

12. Don't save everything you want to do for later. Do what you love a little more.

13. It's okay not to socialise and want to be alone though it might seem a little wierd.

14. Strive a little more for everything you've ever dreamed of, for everything you deserve.

15. Don't question God's decision. You'll realize why that happened what happened, wait for it.

16. Sometimes, you're your own guardian angel.

17. Be greatful for whatever you have and whatever your loved ones are doing for you. Realize who truly care for you or who are just building a castle of words. 

18. Do it for yourself. 5yrs later, it won't only matter to you, but to a lot of ppl related to you.

19. Don't become the person that hurt you and for their every statement or act that hurt you or puts you down, whisper "you're beauty. You're grace. You're power. You're worth the planet and all the stars. I love you and that's what matters the most." Coz that's what truly matters the most. 

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

November 07, 2018 2

GRWM: Navratri 2018

Darling you're different.
Welcome to my blog! Last week was garba week. Who doesn't wanna attend all 9 days of the event? Though I went for garba for 2 days, it was so fun! Mostly coz I got an opportunity to feed the dramatic bug in me. In this post, I am sharing both days' looks with y'all. We're gonna travel back in time and I am gonna take you through the whole process of me caking my face to the heaven. All the products used are mentioned at the end. 

Let's dive in!

Day01-Red dramatic.

  • Starting w the eyes, coz fall out is real, first I concealed my eye and set it w the powder. 
  • Then taking a neutral shade, I blended it above the crease. 
  • Then I blended muddy brown a little below it. 
  • On the same brush, I took the same shade and red I deposited and then blended it's edged smooth on the outer V and above. 
  • Then on a clean brush, i took some red and packed it on my eyelid and blended the edges smooth. 
  • Using a concealer, I cut my crease and set it with some powder. 
  • Then I packed some golden glitter over it and highlighted my inner corner w it.
  • Next I drew a liner and mascaraed my lashes. 
  • Did the same thing on my other eye.
  • Then I did my face makeup as usual and that was it!
Products used:
Maybelline New York Fit Me Foundation (my shade: warm beige)
Mars Eyeshadow Palette (cant find link)
The Body Shop Makeup Setting Spray

Day2: black halo eyes.

  • I started with concealed set eyes and blended a neutral brown shade on the outer corner and outer crease of my eye. 
  • Then taking a muddy brown and black shade, I blended it on half of my crease. 
  • Then I packed black thickly above my upper lashline. Then blended it upwards. 
  • Then I packed some more black on my eyelid.
  • Next, I out some concealer on the center of my eyelid and set it to place some pretty golden glitter on it. 
  • With the brush i used for blending black as it is (taking no extra product on it), I blended the edges of the golden with the black. 
  • Then I highlighted my inner corner with the same golden shade and finished with some liner and mascara.
  • Did the other eye the same way and my face makeup as usual and settled everything with setting spray. 

Products used:

all are same except for contouring, i used:

MakeupRevolution Liquid Lipstick-flirtation

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

June 13, 2018 24

12 Things to do in Summer Vacays! (2018)

you keep me safe, I'll keep you wild.
Welcome to my blog! So the first year of college is finally over! I have not done any blogpost this whole year (except the last one lol), made college my priority, completed my assignments on time; oh man that's a lot I have done! xD Now we have the most awaited time of the year, summer vacays! I was more thinking about what I'll do after exams than preparing for them (am I the only one?) Here I am up with some cool things that you can do in you post final vacays/ summer vacays 'coz I know you are there too ;)
Let's dive in!

#1. Get your mental health on track.
It's totally okay if your mental health has been on a rollercoaster and has seen the deepest valleys. It's a real issue that most of us are dealing with and I have burnt all the shame to accept the fact that I am one among the squad. Meditation and yoga is really good to get your mental health on the right path and stop thoughts from staying in your mind more than they should. Right now I am using the meditation app called "aware". It is sorta similar to "headspace". I have tried both and I liked both. 
I am not into yoga. I am gathering resources because I need to be all set before getting started. I hope I'll begin it soon!
ps. if you're into yoga, share your take on it in the comments below!

#2. Get in shape.
Go and sprint every morning before it'll get hot and workout 4 times a week (maybe?). It's summer man, get in that summer body. Lemme just remind you that this is important not to fit in the society's parameters of "beauty" but to keep yourself healthy and fit and stay away from all the baddie health diseases that being unfit can lead to.

#3. Learn a new language.
If you'll be practical for a sec and think, learning a new language will always be an asset in today's world. Or just do it for fun? 
Choose any of your fav language that you always wanted to learn and go for it! Learn it because knowledge in any form is power and know that you wanna do it and it'll make you happy. 
Last year, I started learning Latin because I  always wanted to learn it, but left in b/w. Now I am gonna continue it, ig?

#4. Do something with your hair. 
It's summer, and you should change your hair a little. It'll make you feel fresh and will give you a sense of beginning of a new chapter in your life. Do hair masks regularly, style your hair like every day is a wash day! Go ahead, color your hair, chop em off, get some box braids, or try weave; do whatever you wanna do with you hair!
I chopped my hair a little a while ago. Now I'll get a good and different haircut, maybe?
 #5. Skincare.
Since it's vacays, you can advance your skincare routine and add some steps to make your skin glow (just like your future, babe). You can add 7-step toning to your skin care; it's a little time consuming so one never gets time to follow it during working days.
You can invest some time in searching the right products for your skin, keeping your skin type in mind and checking the ingredients of 'em all.

#6. Read a book/watch a series or a movie.
Reading a book is an amazing way to invest time in. It helps you imagine, it helps you grow. You don't need to buy new books. You can head to the library and read some there/get 'em issued. Or you can read them online. I am addicted to the site called "wattpad". I used to read teenfics there, I still am obsessed with them, but now I wanna try humor or scific or nonfic.
You can also watch some movies/a series you've been saving to watch later. 
I will be watching 13rw s2. I was delaying the plan just to keep my mental health sort of stable before the exams end. You can always go for emotionally light shows but honestly, this show is my type. 

#7. Visit your best friend!

If you're best friend is in a different institute or stays in a different part of the city, chances are you have not seen 'em since some time too. It's the vacays man, what are you waiting for? Go and see them, I am damn sure they miss you the way you miss them.

It's been a year since I haven't seen the ugly face of my best friend. I miss her so much and so does she. I'll try going to her place to see her or maybe she'll come to mine, idk. But we'll plan a 6hrs long meet up or a sleepover? But we are gonna meet, end of the story. 👅

#8. Do an intern. 
If you can find some place perfect for the courses you've chosen, you can work there. If the place will provide you money, that's so good, but if it doesn't, it's okay; experience is what you should gain at this stage, ig.

#9. Learn shuffle dance.
Shuffle dance is a really cool thing that you can do anywhere you want. Just head to the YouTube and search for it and learn some easy moves; practice them and voila! Enjoy it, gurl!

#10. Write/paint/YouTube. 

If you have a writing bug in you, go ahead and feed that little monster right. You won't regret it. I am gonna continue the story that I started writing when I was 15 on wattpad (lol) because I love this bug in me and I want it to grow up and grow fine. 
You can also paint, for fun, or go ahead and make YouTube videos. (that's fun too)
If you know me, yk I am a makeup person. Makeup therapy is real and it works for me really well. Maybe I'll end up doing some makeup videos? (ehehe)

#11. Calligraphy.

You can go ahead and get yourself a calligraphy kit or try faux calligraphy (like I do). The whole process is always fun and so relaxing to me. You can always write some inspiring quotes from the internet and stick them around your room!

#12. Travel and take pictures!
It might be a little too hot to go out. Spot the perfect time of the day and go to some nearby place that you always wanted to visit. I really wanna visit a zoo or a century. It's been a while since I have seen nature that closely and I wanna learn about the fellow species a little more!
Also, summer is the perfect time of the year for photography! Golden hour is the best time of the day to take photos. I am all about self portraits and I am most comfy in my own company (introvert alert!). I am so into golden hour right now. I love trying different angles and different props with self portraits. ig it helps you to understand your style better.
The whole concept is to make self happy and help self grow a little in any form. You have worked hard the whole year, you deserve this vacay. Let it be a time where you'll learn more about yourself; unwind self a little, allow self to rest and relax and enjoy each moment of this summer!

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?
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Meet you in the next post!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

February 07, 2018 11

2017 Recap+2018 Resolutions

Today, I choose joy.
Welcome to my blog! Or welcome to first post of 2018! First, happy new year! You survived 2017, it might be a good or a bad experience but the best part, it was an experience and it'll make your life better in some way. Anyways, today's blogpost is about the last year and resolutions for the new year. 

Whatever happens, there's always some good among the worst. And it's really important to appreciate self even if it's for lil things. There are a lot of things I wanna do this year for self that will make me better in person.  I didn't take any resolutions last year coz tbh I wasn't that mentally healthy. So I wanted to set lil goals rather than setting yearly resolutions. Comparatively, I think I am healthier. I still get that feeling but now I can do my work and make things better.
Let's dive in!

2017 RECAP.

My blog completed two years. 
This place is so important in my life. I find peace in writing the content, in photography sessions, editing, promoting and everything related. Two years ago, little me created this place and I am so happy  it's a couple years old now.
Blog Milestones.
A lot good things happened for the first time to my blog. One of my blogpost crossed 200 views on the first day of posting itself. My monthly blog views crossed 700 from all countries around the globe. I finally started promoting my blog. Tbh I was so scared of this world but I told the negative committee that sits inside my head to shut up and started doing what's right for me.
Overcoming social fear.
My blog plays a great role in making me socially bold to speak for myself and others too. This year, I wore my hair down in public for the first time. This might sound extremely silly but to an emotionally bruised introvert that I am, it makes so much sense.
Lemme just tell you, do what you wanna; it's all good until it's not harming humanity in any way. If they truly love you, they'll support you for good.
Making new friends.

This seems so weird. Making friends is not my kinda thing. This year I joined college and got to know some new ppl. In no way I can forget my school ppl but yes, I have known some college ppl now. Not everyone is meant to stay in your life. Some are just "give and take" kinda friends, some are "pep talk" sort  of friends, some are friends to who you don't talk always but when you do, it's just love and love, and it's totally okay to have em in your life. The thing is I feel connected to a few ppl on an emotional level, and when that happens, ik I am gonna make some friends.
Became editor of The POC times.
Last year I became the fashion Editor of the digital magazine, "@thepoctimes". It's truly fun working w them. We are soon coming up with a new issue. This one is special 'cause  this time, printed versions are also available on orders.
Road to recovery
I went through a major failure this year. And it makes me more sad 'cause I worked on that task and I guess I did it quite well. But somehow, I didn't get what I expected.
Despite all the things, I moved on to 2018 alive. And that's the most important thing.


Self learning.
I wanna know myself more; accept who I am. Life has proved that love is a gigantic hoax to me. I wanna prove this wrong. I wanna love me; and love myself back. Maybe I'll come up with a series on self learning here soon, what you say?
Learn cooking.
I am 18 and doesn't know much dishes to make. I want myself to be an independent adult and def I can't survive without food. So I have set myself a goal of learning 2 dishes to cook, I think this ain't too much and I can do this def.
Overcome the fear.
There are a few things we all fear. I see no reason to be scared of the world. It's something in you that stops you. I wanna overcome that 'something'.
Exercise this summer.
I so want myself to be fit; not for the world but myself. In my busy schedule, ik I can't workout every single day of 2018. So my goal is to get a lil in shape in summer 2018.
I wanna stay motivated and work work work for myself.
Be kind.
I wanna be kind to myself, to ppl around me. Sometimes I can be a bad bish and not control my anger. Ik that's not healthy but somehow, I can't help. I wanna learn to hold that. Maybe meditation will help.
Do not give up.
I believe there'll be a lot of shit happening in my life in 2018 and I am def gonna get depressed. But I'll try to still be productive and try to make things better. I'll try to help myself and just be happy and get going.

Thank you for reading. I hope this post will help you. Ask if you have any ques. in the comments below or any suggestions?Now you can reach me through contact form! Please do. I love reading lovely messages by you all♥Connect with me on:  FacebookInstagramPinterestBloglovinTumblrFor business inquiries, email at variainwonderland001@gmail.comMeet you in the next post!

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