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Monday, 26 December 2016

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Hello bbies!! Varia's back w/ another post! Guess what? I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!!
-Oh hell, like whhhhaatttt????
-Hell ehh!! 😎

So today's post is a tribute to (no longer mine) braces. Gonna tell you my whole experience w/ braces!!

 Raise your hand if you've got braces!

*raises hand*

I've shared my #NoMoreBraces pics on twitter. Just in case if you wanna follow me there, my twitter handle is>> @bhumitiwari9

So w/o further do, let's get right into this!!!!

I got my braces on 19th April, 2015, a month after my 10th standard exams ended.
I got my treatment done from Fine Feathers Dentists. They have different branches all 'round Gujarat and I used to visit one near my place.

My teeth were actually too much inward. They said i had 'sever overbite'  and that my upper teeth were rubbing over my lower teeth and hence my lower teeth were soo thin. Hence i got my braces so that my teeth can be how they were supposed to be.
But of course you can get braces to get that '32-teeth smile' 😄

The moment i got up w/ braces in my mouth, it felt soo uncomfortable. I was like, 'whatt is thing in my moutthhh???' I had no clue how i was going to deal w/ it and for a sec, i doubted my decision. And in the beginning, gurrl, it hurt, REALLY BAD!! 

I used to see my orthodontist every month. I got used to my braces like, after a week i got them on. Then these metals became a part of my mouth! Later it didn't use to hurt like, every day. But yes, after my monthly appointment, when he used to tighten my braces or do something else, it did hurt. and the pain lasted for like, 3-5 days (or a week) but after that, things get back to usual, yk.

The first day, when I got my braces on, i ate watermelon, for my dinner.
The key lies here:  have a heavy meal before seeing your orthodontist 'cuz it's gonna hurt afterwards and you can't escape the pain. After that, feed yourself on soft fruits, milk and rice for a week.

And, the hardest part is to keep your teeth clean! I used to brush them in a normal way. You need to buy 'ortho brushes' to remove the food that gets into the gap in the braces. Use them to clean your teeth after every meal and gargle w/ a mouthwash. Brushing your teeth after every meal is not a necessity. I was suppose to brush my teeth twice a day, but being a lazy jerk, i use to brush them only once. 😝

"permanent-linked retainer"

Whenever my braces used to hurt my inner mouth, i used to put wax on them to prevent hurting. Also the doctor gave me rubber bands to put on. I don't exactly rmr how long i put them on, but i believe it was for like 6-8 months.
Also I've had powerchain. Now i really have no idea how long that was for but i had it in either dark blue color or transparent. There was a grey one too but i never went for that.

"hawley retainer"

On 18th December 2016, i got my braces off! and OML i waited an hour to get in and for like one more hour they were cleaning my teeth and stuff. Finally they handed me my retainer and yeah! now i need to see the doctor two more times, for cleaning and once for getting my retainer off.
I have got "Hawley Retainer" for my upper teeth and "Permanent-linked Retainer" for my lower jaw.

I didn't get my any teeth out for my treatment and the doc said it wasn't required. I'd tell you guys don't remove your teeth unless it is not really important; that'd my advice to you.

I am finally soo happy by the results. Definitely, i miss my braces and my every month visit to the clinic. The doctors were so nice and here comes the best part: nobody ever complaint if any food was there on my teeth. The doctor'd just peacefully clean my teeth and proceed the treatment. 😇
I am so thankful to them and my sister too, who sponsored my treatment. 😁

So that's all my bracefull journey! (ik it's not making sense)
So that was all my experience w/ braces. I hope you enjoyed reading and it helped you out.
If you have any questions regarding braces or anything just ask me out in the comment section below. I will do my best to help you out!

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Friday, 23 December 2016

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Winter Skin Care Routine 💝

Hello my chubbies, this is Varia! So, winter is here! and it has started getting cold in the morning and evenings, yk. I have noticed this chap that my skin has become drier (as it does on every winter season). So now this is the indication for me to go and adopt my winter skin care routine!!

✋ Raise your hand if you love cuddling in winter mornings!! 

*raises my hand to heavens*

So w/o further do, let's do thiss!!

Face Wash. So I use Everyouth series for my facewash cremes. Anyone in that, but everyouth only. This time, I got my hands on 'Everyuth Clear Beauty Tulsi Turmeric Face Wash'. Its actual cost is 110 INR for 250g, But since I got this from DMart, I got one free w/ this!!
So this stuff actually smells like it has got real tulsi in it and the fragrance, itself is so relieving that it takes away all the stress; and i feel so close to nature when i wash my face w/ this.

Scrub. Then to take away all the chap and dry skin of my face, i use Everyouth's Walnut Face Scrub. This is really moisturizing and exfoliates very well too. The walnut grains are kinda large than how it is in any other face scrub. This thing is so smooth and creamy in texture. So along w/ exfoliating (i.e. it's usual job), it also moisturizes my face. This is how I get rid of all those dry lil' acne from my face.

Creme. So I have struggled a lot w/ acne last year before i found Roop Mantra. It costs 93 INR for 30ml. I love the smell of this creme, though it ain't that natural. This creme has literally changed my life, and when i say 'literally', i mean LITERALLY!!  I have never used Roop Mantra's face wash and capsules; even the creme itself is so effective I didn't need to try any of these. But i will add, this creme do makes your skin dry, comparatively.

Since it is winter time and this is the winter edition skin care routine, I use Nivea Creme which is 200ml for 200 INR . At first, this makes my face so oily and tanned but after 25-30 mins, it gets normal and my skin feels so moisturized.

Sometimes, I use homemade face mask to relive my skin on sundays.

So that's all for today guys. hope you all enjoyed reading it as i loved writing it. 

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Thursday, 10 November 2016

November 10, 2016 0

GRWM 👯 For Garba 🎆 Night!! 💖🎇

Heyo Chubbies!! it's Varia ♥
It's the Garba Time gurrll!!! get yo dress on and flip off those slippers and shake yo booty on the floor!! 'cuz Garba Fever is ONN!!!!

So, this Navratri I went to Garba only once. yeah only once. but i enjoyed sooo much!!!

the gang  😎

I've now another GRWM for you guys and i hope you are excited as much as i am!! Again , am gonna share my makeup, outfit, nails, hairstyles and accessories details w/ you!! so gurlls be ready to enlighten up yo minds!!

✋Raise your hands if you love Garba Nights!!

So if you are interested, keep reading and let's jump into this!!


So i was wearing a traditional chaniya choli which I bought from 'Aasopalav Shop' Sector-22, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Some other places for awesome lehengas are Law Garden and Rani Azira in Ahemadabad, Gujarat.

garba ready.. 💖

My chaniya was of chiffon in black w/ a beautiful traditional border at the bottom. I wanted my choli to be something in contrast. I chose it to be blue, w/ round neck and a silver dori along w/ a silver hanging at the back. And my chunni was pink, matching up w/ my chaniya border.


Since everything was in contrast, i wanted my nails to be so too. And the best contrast 'gainst black is white ofc! I painted my nails white and coated it w/ silver glitter.  On the garba night, my lustrous nails were looking so fab along w/ my dress.

nails for garba (white+silver glitter)


I used my Everyouth face wash and its walnut scrub. Then i sprayed rose water on my face and cleaned it up using a cotton.
Next I put on some Garnier BB Creme. Then I took some coloressence foundation on my hand and sprayed rose water on it twice and then i put it on my face and blended it all using a Foundation Brush.
Then I took my coloressence concealer and sprayed the rose water on it twice to catch up the right viscosity. Then using a Vega brush I put it under my eyes and lined it on my nose. Then using a foundation brush, i blended it all.
Next I put some coloressence compact powder on my face using the same foundation brush.
Then, I used this lil' trick.
I put some baby powder on the compact powder and using a sponge i baked my face then I left it to set.
Till the time i did my eye look.

the gurrll gang :3

Since my blouse was blue and chunni was pink, I chose these two shades for my eye look.
I actually got a baby pink, really shimmery blush shade; so I thought why not to use it for doing eye shade!
I really love that thing, it's so cute and girlish-perfectly how I wanted it to be.
I put in on my eyelid. Then I handed a blue eye shade from my pallet and put it on the outer side of my eyelid.
Then I did a winged liner w/ my Maybelline New York Eye studio Gel Liner, the same one I used in my previous makeup look. Next I put some kohl on my waterline and ended up my eye look by putting some eye shadow on the inner core my eyes.

*you see my eye shadow, don't you?

Then I blended up the powder I left on face before. Then I took the same blush I put on my eye, and put it on my cheeks.


Footwear for Navratri doesn't really matters 'cuz you're gonna throw 'em out when you'll dance.

I really enjoyed the time, out w/ friends and dancing how we wanna. ik the night's never gonna come back but I'll always rmr that very special time out w/ people and friends.

bhaibhai.. too much sanedo!!!

So that's all for today guys! Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it!

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these two aliens rocked the floor!!!!!!!!

I'll see you love, in the next post.
Till then, take care of yourself, okay?

Thursday, 13 October 2016

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Curly Hairstyle!!👰 Banana Half up-Half down!!

Heyoo chubbeis!! This is Varia!!

So am presenting a hairstyle for all the curly heads out there! It's banana half up-Half down, popularly known as "The Banana Hairstyle". I do this whenever I wanna flaunt my curls, usually on wash days, when my curls are so fresh and defined..

 Raise your hand if you love your curls!! 

I'd say you or keep your curls defined when you do this hairstyle. Also am gonna share how to fresh up your curls for this hairstyle!

So what you gonna need is..

-to hold up your hair

A banana clip.
Bobby pins.
Some hair accessories (not necessary)

-to freshen up your curls

spray bottle filled w/ water + conditioner
Leave-in conditioner
Hair gel/Mousse

So with all pre-requisite done, let's get started!!

You need your hair to be fresh for this. If they aren't follow the method below:

Wet your hair by spraying up the thingy in bottle (water + conditioner).
Put on leave in conditioner on your hair and scrunch for curl definition.
Then use gel/mousse and scrunch to define 'em more.

To take off the access products, scrunch your hair w/ a microfiber towel or a clean cotton tee.

This way, your hair are ready for the hairstyle!

Begin by separating up your bangs that will frame up your face.

Take back the rest of your hair.
Create a poof using your hand and tease a little, if needed.
Then take up your all hair at the back of your head and clip it using a banana clip.
Adjust your bangs and secure them up using bobby pins.
Put on some hair accessories if you wanna and Ta-Da!! you're ready to goo!! I hope you'll try this hairstyle!!

So that's all for today guys. hope you'll enjoyed reading it as i loved writing it. 

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Sunday, 18 September 2016

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Get Ready w/ ME!! Traditionals-Makeup, Outfit and many more!!

Hey Chubbies! wass'up! i hope you all are doing amazayn!! ik i haven't posted here for like months. and am actually so so sorry for that. but yk school work and all the assignments stuff. ugh!
 So as my apology i have planned this awesome surprise post for you guys! First ever GRWM on this blog!!

✋ Raise your hand to heavens if you're excited af!!

So this GRWM is basically on getting into traditionals-traditional makeup. wear, hairstyle, and nails! umm.. the makeup and all that i've been sharing in this post is basically what i did on teacher's day. 

So, w/ all the prerequisite done, let's get into this!! 


I decided to keep the outfit simple, as a teacher. So i picked up this goldenish-orange saree, you see in the picture below, with a maroon border having golden work on it matched w/ a reddish maroon blouse. Plus i was wearing traditional but not-to-heavy jewels and i was handing a black artificial leather yeti purse.


I wanted my nails to match my outfit. Since i was wearing a golden-orange saree w/ a maroon blouse, i went for a golden, red nail art.
Starting off with applying base coat, then i put two coats of golden nail paint (golden dust).
Then i put two strips on the corner of my nails, making oblique sign and painted the top portion of my nails maroon and soon after that i pulled the strips out. Once it was dried, i applied a sparkling coat (shine divine) and finished it off w/ top coat.


So, i washed my face w/ everyouth face wash and used it's walnut scrub. Then i applied Lakme peach milk moisturizer onto my face, accompanied w/ roop mantra-face cream afterwards. 

Then i applied BB creme. I used Garnier's.

Next, i put two pumps of Lakme foundation on my makeup brush and soothed it on my face in circular motions.

Next, i put coloressence compact powder on my face. 

Then i used a lil' trick to bake my face. I put baby powder over my compact powder surface and applied it underneath my eyes and on my jawline. Using a brush, i blended it all through.

Then i got to touch up my face a bit more. I handed to my Makeup Revolution Golden Hot Palette which include bronzer, highlighter and blush. I bought it from Nykaa. it costed me for  660 while it's actual pricing is  850.
I contoured my cheeks, my jawline, my nose and also my hairline.
Then i went on highlighting. I did near my eyes, my nose, on my upper lip, my cheeks, chin, a bit on jawline and in b/w my eyebrows.
Next i put blush on my cheek. and blended it well.

Me in my classroom. ft. my awesome friends!! p.s.: i wrote a quote on right corner of the board :3

Then i turned to my eyes. At first, i put base on my eyelids. Then i used light red-pinkish eye shadow to give it a fleshy-look. Then i gave a touch of brown on the outside. Later i filled a bit golden in b/w area and then i ended up by filling my inner-corners with white shade.

Next i went for winged liner and a bit of mascara. I used Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Liner, which i got for 480 from Nykaa and Maybelline Mascara. Then i put a bit of kohl to specify my eyes even more.
For my lips, i chose orange-ish red lipstick and gave it an ombre touch w/ my foundation.
Then i ended my look w/ a beautiful dark bindi to get a more traditional look.


A night before, i washed my hair w/ a sulfate free shampoo and silicone-free conditioner; they're called 'Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo ' and 'Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Shine Conditioner'. Also i did a hair mask that night, which was again from Shea Moisture range.

 Back to teacher's day, i didn't actually washed my hair, rather completely wet them and scrunched a lot. Then i applied silicone and sulfate-free leave in conditioner and scrunched again. Then i wrapped my hair in a microfiber towel and proceeded w/ my makeup.
Once i was done w/ my makeup, i freed my hair and styled them.

I parted my bangs out and held the rest of my hair together with a banana clip. 


i was wearing my heels for the occasion

Me w/ my buddy <3 3="" td="">

Truly, I enjoyed that day so so much. I will never ever forget that wonderful time. How proudly we walked on corridors, taking clicks and signing autographs. that amazayn time when we taught in the classrooms for those 40 mins. tbh, really if i'll ever get a chance, i'd love to move back to that time..

So that's all for today guys. hope you'll enjoyed reading it as i loved writing it. 

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

August 16, 2016 1

DIY Blackheads Removal.

Hey, chubbies!! It's Varia!! so glad to see you all!!
So today's post is something that made my life hell lot more easier.. i am gonna tell you guys simple and effortless ways to get rid of those blackheads!!

✋ Raise your hand if you hate blackheads!! 

These ways are so good and they do actually work, they are so quick and effortless and time-saving, and ofc you'll be able to save some money to buy yourself that amazayn dress!😏

Pssstt... I made another blog guyss!! There I would be sharing all my writings and thoughts, discussing on social issues, and tryna demolish them from this world. Check out my views on feminism>>

So with all that have been said, let's get into this!!

1. Method #1

You will need: toothpaste
 yes you've read it correctly, it's 'toothpaste'
and ice cubes

All you have to do is spread toothpaste on your nose and wherever you have blackheads. Let it dry and then gently massage that area with an ice cube. I did it on my nose and being temperature sensitive, my nose went numb and it got red af!! So I left it midway. Anyways that was fun and it did work but a bit.

2. Method #2

Grab these: Synthetic gum and tissues.

Okay, better you steam up your face first. Grab your favorite odor glue and put some glue over your nose. Now place a tissue over it.
if you wanna get your own tissue box, click here!!
Let it dry and good 10 mins. and rip it off. TA-DA!! all your blackheads are now on the tissue!!

3. Method #3

You need an egg, actually egg white, a brush, and tissues.
 Begin by steaming your nose, 'cuz open pores help in blackheads removal. Break an egg' we need the egg white only. Put it on your nose w/ help of a brush, and cover it with a tissue. Let it dry and then rip it off!!

i did this once. Being a brown vegetarian and using egg for the first time, it's smell brought the hell out of me!! I couldn't keep it for more than a minute and hence took it off before it was completely dry.  Probably that was my last time dealing w/ an egg. 😆

4. Method #4

This is really simple. If you're too lazy to do anything, do this!! Get some hot water and a towel. Wet the towel and put it on your nose till it's hot. Do this till you think that you're pores are open. Grab a comedone extractor and get your blackheads out of your face. If you don't have one, scrub your nose for 3-4 mins and then rinse it off.

 Alrighty gurrlss, this is what I had for you today,

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Sunday, 24 July 2016

July 24, 2016 2

Love Christina ♥

Hey chubbs!! hope you all are good.
ik you all will be like, what's wrong with me. ahah actually nothing's bad. it's all as before. i just thought doing this post 'cuz i wanted to share my views.

huhh.. ik am late but it don't reduces the pain. it's 'bout Christina.
Christina Grimmie.
 the rising star who was shot to death before she could lighten ppl's lives. Last month, she died, rather killed.

After her concert, she was meeting her fans, signing and greeting. smiling.. happy. But the heavens necessitated her oblation. That day foul covered as saint. She thought he was just another fan. She opened her arms to greet him w/ warmth but the angel had fallen, the hope was loosing.
He pulled 'bout his gun and thrusted shots of unkindness and cruelty to her heart and her head.
Her divine body couldn't take the poison and she went to the heavens.

The war was lost. and this time, it was humanity who vanished.

It was her body that bleed, but the wound ripped our all's souls apart. The scars were on her frame, but the whole mankind was devastated.

She was just 22.
She was living her dreams.
And may be that's not a sin for which death is the retribution.
 They say,
everything happens for a reason.
Trust Him.
Trust His Process.

May be we need to create a surrounding where individuals are allowed to play their hearts.  #RIPChristina .
We will love you forever. The humanity will never forget you. ♥

Friday, 8 July 2016

July 08, 2016 2

# Playlist time! The JOURNEY Songs!! ♥

Hello chubs, it's Varia!!
So glad to announce that am going on a vacation!! yayy!! but so sad at the same time 'cuz i won't be able to post.. :'( But i promise, there's gonna be hell lot of posts after my return! wait-- you just got to know another fact 'bout me!!
"I am a wanderlust."^^

"If traveling would be free, you won't see me again!!"
like, who doesn't love traveling!!

Okay so here i am with some of the some of the songs that i prefer to listen when i am on my way to destination!

Raise your hand if you're a wanderlust too!!

w/o further gossiping, let's get into this!!

I love this song. It's perfect for traveling.

'Goonje hai aaj aasmaan
Kaise hum bezubaan..'

 Just imagine you inside a car, looking out of window with headphones on and losing in deep thoughts. It drives away all the tiredness and teaches your heart to love a bit more.

As the name says itself, it's made specially for journeys!!

'Hum chale baharon mein
Gungunati raahon mein'

The song has it's own magic and makes your journey even more memorable.. There's no journey w/o this song..

This song is one of my favorites and i can't make a playlist w/o this one. 

'Hone do ab jo bhi ho, darna kya
Bhala-bura hone do ab jo bhi ho'

It adds up a spirit to the journey and makes the time even more cheerful and exciting.

4. Dil Dhadakne Do - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This songs make me wanna live my life.

'Kab tak giney, hum dhadkane
Dil jaise dhadke dhadakne doKyun hai koi aag dabiShola jo bhadke bhadakne do' 

Waking up in the morning, sipping green tea while heeding this song when you know adventure's waiting for you outside the door.. aah.. even the imagination is so dazzling.

5. Der Lagi Lekin - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

'Der lagi lekin

Maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho din
Maine ab hai jeena seekh liya..'
This song is really appealing. The rhythm and the sound unburdens the soul and it makes you wanna live again. 

6. Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein - Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

'Sooraj ki baahon mein, ab hai yeh zindagi
Kirnay hain saanson mein, baaton mein roshni'

A all time happy song, which you absolutely need for your journey

7. Toh Zinda Ho Tum - Zindagi na milegi dobara

'Hawa ke jhonkon ke jaise aazad rehna seekho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise, leharon mein behna seekho'

A shayari calms your soul and pacifies your mind..  defining the meaning of life in the limits of words.
This is the last and the calmest song of the playlist. Ik it's short, but precious..

That's all for today my chubs!!

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

Monday, 16 May 2016


*song of the post- Love Myself- Hailee Steinfeld.*

Hey chubs, it's Varia!!
I have curly hair; some of you might be knowing this from my previous posts and the rest of you now know. I've got 3b hair type-black color-virgin hair. Being a brown curly girl i, personally, have struggled a lot, got creepy comments for the texture of my hair, and all the strange looks of relatives, ugh!!

 Raise your hand if you've struggled for your hair!!

I have researched a lot on my hair and here i am with some of the basics and easy tips you need to know to rock with your curls.

w/o further talking, let's get into this!!


Don't comb/brush your hair dry!! Ofc you've done this and you know why am saying so.

Combing curly hair dry leads to breakage and damage your hair. So, better you not brush or comb them dry.. Wet your hair and saturate them in conditioner before combing them.


Your regular towel got big fibers. So when you rub your hair with the towel, it creates frizz.  Better you ditch your towel and use a microfiber towel or an old, but clean, cotton t-shirt instead!! Plop your hair so that extra water/product will be soaked by the tee/microfiber towel.

How to plop your hair using a tee.


Many shampoos and other hair products out there in the market contains sulfates and silicons. These are the chemicals that you can easily find in you detergents. Curly hair are soft and delicate; just like a baby's skin. These shoddy chemicals could be harsh to your curls.
So before buying any hair product, better you check it's ingredients once. One can easily identify a sulfate but it's kinda tough to spot silicons in the products.  Just go through the suffix of the ingredients. If you find any thing ending with: -cone, -cane, -col, -cohol, -xane
beware, it contains silicons!!

Some of the sulfate free brands in India are: Khadi, Rainforest, Bodyshop, Iha.


Curly hair are beautiful. But they turn out to be dry and damaged when left uncared. Deep-condition your hair once a week to bring back life in them!!
  Guess what?! you can make your own too!!


"Whenever i do my hair, after some time little stands just pop up and make me look like a amateurish ghost from some 60's scary movie!!"

If you're the one who can relate, gurrll i got chu!!
On a humid day, our hair pop up to sneak water from the atmosphere. If we will moisturize them, they won't stand looking for it. Wet your hair (better with a spray water) and put on some leave-in conditioner on them. Oil act as a leave-in too. Or You can use your basic "silicon-free" conditioner.

6. STYLE 'EM!!

"You know the times when your hair are perfect after the wash, but the time destroys it all.. "

But i am gonna save chu gurll!!!

Use hair silicon-free mousse/gel. That will give your hair a good hold. Only if you're wondering 'bout DIYing them, yes gurrl you can!! My favorite DIY hair gel are that of flax-seed and aloe vera; 100% natural, safe, and amazing!!
Hair gel creates a "crystal sheath" around your hair and help your curls to stay in shape!! Just scrunch the product to your hair and let it air dry. You will find your hair to be crunchy once it's completely dry. Don't worry. it's a part of the process. You gotta scrunch your hair again and TA-DA!! you're done!!


"Who likes to wake up as a "spiky monster" even if when you sleep as a "night queen"?! "

well.. i don't!!

So how 'bout sleeping on a satin-silk pillowcase to reduce frizz!!
When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, all through the night your hair rub against the cotton fibers, creating frizz. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase, your hair will slide on it and hence creating no frizz. You can use a satin scarf too or a satin cap will work ofc!!


"You know when you're home and it's too hot to keep your hair down, and you do your hair haphazardly and turn them into a mess!! "
Need not to panic gurrl, am alive!! Do a pineapple when you wanna keep your hair up. You can also do this style to go out, and who doesn't love a pineapple bun, huh!!

 "... but how to pineapple my hair!?"

Turn your head upside down. Gather all your hair to the mid of your skull (dw if you they are slightly displaced). Loose them from the roots and pout a hair tie!! If you want, take some chunks of your hair and roll them around the hair tie and bobby pin them to get a pineapple bun!! Put a headband to secure your baby hair!!


"My hair are on fleak but here i have my baby hair ruining everything!!"
 Gurrl, you can tame your baby hair using a toothbrush!! Believe me it actually works!! Use some hair gel foe better hold.


Your curls are your babies.. People may be against them, but you should be on their side. They are your own part. Love them from all your heart and soul, and they will flourish like anything. Don't work against them, work with them. Care for them. Keep your head up and never feel shy to bring your curls to the world. This is YOU. and you need not to change for the society. Be yourself, Love yourself and Rock the world with your gorgeous curls!!

That's all for today my chubs!!

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I'll see you chubs in the next post. Till then you gotta take care of yourself, okayy??

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